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by Al Martin

Bush, Propaganda Minister O'Reilly, The P-Word and the Weiner Nation

(Mar. 10) In the latest press conference, Bush looked like a wind-up talking corpse.

      When he came on to the podium in the East Room, there was so much makeup on his face that he looked like Casper the Ghost. It was definitely too much pancake. They were trying to hide the red blotchiness in his upper cheekbones, which is a telltale sign, which appears when he lies. But they put it on so thick it made him look artificial and you could actually see the ridges of it in his upper cheekbones. And his demeanor – he was so calm, artificially calm, and he kept moving his head around. He looked just like my neighbor after he takes one of his Xanax tablets.

      Bush had this artificial calmness and he spoke in a monotone. He didn’t use his hands the way he normally does. When a reporter got up and asked him a question, Bush would look at the reporter and then his head started moving around in this mechanical back and forth motion side to side. His eyes looked dopey and glazed over. It was the strangest thing, but it’s typical. They had to have had this guy on Prozac because his demeanor, his physical appearance, the way he spoke, the way he moved was exactly the way my neighbor acts after he’s taken his medication.

      There were reporters there too, all Pro-Bush reporters. And you could tell the questions were rehearsed because Ari Fleischer, the press secretary, was sitting in the front row. They should have had him off camera. but there he was, holding onto a clipboard. Every time one of the reporters asked a question, Ari would look at the clipboard and use his finger to follow what they were saying to make sure they were using the approved question line.

      Bush spoke very very slowly through the whole thing dragging out every word. He spoke so mechanically and slowly it took forever. They must have used the new Valium gas system in the White House because the reporters were exactly the same way. They would stand up s-l-o-w-l-y and ask the questions slowly. It was very surreal. And they enunciated every word and spoke slowly and even sat down slowly.

      Bush looked like one of those late 19th century French wind-up mechanical automatons with a painted white face. The funniest part was at the end when he’s walking off the podium, walking down the East Wing and you see his back. They always show that at the end of the conference. All of a sudden you hear this electronic noise and then you hear all this clapping. They played a canned clapping tape.

      They showed the reporters getting up and milling around and they were the only ones there. But it was so artificial and so obvious that it was a canned clap tape. Even the tone of the room was different so you could tell. It sounded like a bunch of people clapping inside of a steel drum.

      Then they showed Bush walking down the hallway and he goes to this door on the left and tries the knob and it’s locked. He looks around and walks across the hall to the other door and it’s open. He looks up at the camera and gives an “ah ha” look.

      At the same time, the Asian markets were trading very quietly and Bloomberg News was flashing to different trading floors around the world which were open -- Tokyo, HongKong, and Sydney. It was a riot particularly the Japanese on the floor of the Nikkei and they’re glued to this enormous TV screen and then every few minutes, they’d turn and talk to each other and then start laughing like hell. They were actually laughing at him. Then when it concluded, the Nikkei immediately dropped 100 points, Sydney dropped 50 and Hangseng dropped 50.

      The only one that looked alert was Ari Fleischer and the problem is that although they powdered up Bush something fierce, they didn’t do anything to Ari’s head. They should have put more powder on the top of his head because every time he moved his head around it created a flash and glare off the top of his head. It even seemed to annoy Bush a little bit. He’d give him this look like “why don’t you turn your head down 50 watts?”

      Then there was the story of the lawyer called Stephen Downs who was arrested for wearing a t-shirt in an Albany New York mall. The t-shirt read “Give peace a chance” on one side and “Peace on earth” on the other side. So now you can get arrested for using the P-Word. The P-Word has been declared to be “seditious.” By order of Deputy Reichsfuehrer Ashcroft anyone caught wearing a t-shirt with the P-Word shall be considered in violation of State Sedition Laws. You can’t have these people walking around using the seditious P-word.

      You just watch -- Rush Limbaugh will now be railing not onlyagainst “tree huggers” and “feminazis,” but those who wear Peace on Earth t-shirts. He’ll call them the P-Word People.

      And then there’s the other right wing nutcase called Michael Savage, whose program should be called “The Weiner Nation.” That’s his real name, Michael Weiner; it’s not “Michael Savage.” But that’s probably why he changed his name. His producers probably decided that “Weiner Nation” wasn’t the kind of image they want to portray. After all how could you call a right wing nut show “The Weiner Nation”? And now MSNBC is giving him a TV show after they got rid of Donahue.

      So here’s the recap. The scourge of Bushonomics continues and the P-Word (Peace) is declared seditious in the Weiner Nation.

      Meanwhile, Goebbels Wannabe Bill O’Reilly of the AllSpin Zone, has publicly declared that anyone who opposes Bush Cabal policies is not only “Un American” but will be considered by him to be an “enemy of the state.” In other words, it looks like O’Reilly is actively seeking the post of “Propaganda Minister” in the Bush Adminstration.

      There’s a little known channel on TV called the Public Legal Issue Forum which explained what justification the Bushonian Cabal was using for this incident in Albany and the Michigan high schooler who was sent home for wearing a t-short which read International terrorist with a picture of Bush on it.

      They’re getting away with it by using the now reinstituted Seditious Publications Act. I always thought that it was restricted to books, magazines and periodicals, but they’re using this act (which they have the authority to do under the Office of Homeland Security and under the USA Patriot Act) and saying that anybody who wears a t-shirt or carries a placard is “publishing,” and these acts constitute “publishing” a picture, a photograph or printed statements. In other words, this falls under the Seditious Publications Act, which is meant to stop the dissemination of any materials deemed to be hostile to the security of the state. “Publication” then includes anything printed on a t-shirt or a placard or a poster.

      Then they showed a several clips from Deputy Reichsfuehrer Ashcroft when he spoke a couple weeks ago (and people didn’t know what he was talking about), in which the State of Maine education superintendent leaked out a letter he received from the Office of State Security regarding high schoolers. Ashcroft said that they are acting to crack down (and he didn’t really explain what he meant) but now we’re getting a pretty good idea.

      The lawyer on the show said that usually under the Seditious Publications Act the very reinstitution of the act requires consent of Congress and judicial review by the Supreme Court. Of course, under the USA Patriot Act and the vast expansion of the 1947 War Powers Act, as it relates to the expansion of presidential powers and the passage of the emergency extension of the law enforcement powers act, the president has the right (now that a state of national emergency has been declared) to simply, by edict, reinstitute the Seditious Publications act.

      Furthermore they craftily worded this in the USA Patriot Act, so that they stripped all civil courts of their jurisdiction to hear cases involving state security, but there still must be a judicial review process. That’s why the Supreme National Security Court was created, separate and distinct from the existing National Security Court. Then there’s the Supreme National Security Council, which is separate and distinct from the National Security Council. The president chairs both the Supreme National Security Court and the Supreme National Security Council. He has sole authority.

      The Bush administration is relying on the decision to dust off the seditious publications act and to expand the original intent of the law to some degree. As it was pointed out before, there was court precedent that publishing any material or placards being held by a citizen does constitute publishing, as it relates to sedition.

      Art was not brought under the sedition acts until after 1950. Joe McCarthy pushed for it and pushed Estes Kefauver into it. Kefauver was chairman of many committees in Congress also oversaw the distribution of money for the arts and humanities. They were able to use that law, stating that since the government was paying for it, they should be able to decide what kind of art was “seditious.”

      Also just before the war, the Roosevelt administration attempted to pressure Hollywood away from certain movies that were considered pro-German, but they didn’t invoke any law at the time. Then in the 1950s, they went after several movies that Billy Wilder and John Huston wanted to make but they shut them down because they were declared “disloyal.”

      The catch in expanding the meaning of the seditious publications act is that it has been reviewed by a court, by judicial authority, namely the supreme national security court, which the president chairs and controls. The difference between them is that none of its proceedings, findings or rulings are made public. Everything it does is considered a state secret. The president has these meetings, which he chairs, once a month.

      The minute he invokes “State Security,” the president can effectively create any law he wants to create. There are no boundaries now. They’re not only saying that dissent against Bushonomics, or the Bushonian War on Terrorism/ Iraq will no longer be tolerated, but anything that is published or transmits the truth about any member of the Bushonian Cabal will also fall under state security clauses.

      And, as this lawyer pointed out, they are technically correct – under the National Security Act because telling the truth about the Bushonian Cabal could in fact be destabilizing to the government. If everybody knew what Bush had done, there would be a loss of confidence in the Bush administration.

      Who knows what would happen? They are technically correct. It is dangerous to the security of the state and domestic tranquility of the people to reveal the truth.

      Now not only do they have the great power of controlling the biggest debtor nation on earth, i.e. the United States, but it also shows the power of following the Big Lie Principle. You cannot uncover or attempt to reveal the Big Lie because to do so would in itself constitute a destabilizing act.

      And that leads us to the book “The Conspirators.” There are only about 2500 copies left and when those are gone, no more are going to be printed because the direction that the Bush Administration is proceeding in it won’t be long before “The Conspirators” will be verboten. People love the idea of buying a book that will be declared seditious and then hide it in their house. It makes them feel like urban information guerillas. It could be like Fahrenheit 451.

      And then there are the increasingly obvious market rumors, manipulations and leaks. You see how carefully the Badministration has manipulated the price of oil to keep it artificially high and to keep the war premium built in it. And then you see how they orchestrate the release of these leaks, most recently the supposed capture of the alleged sons of bin Laden, which spiked the market. Then these rumors are not verified one way or the other until the market closes, which is what happened on Friday, March 7.

      They do it to support the stock market and they have been able to do successfully. If you look at where the US markets are compared to the European and Asian markets, we should be 1000 Dow points lower because they have gone down proportionately that much. It’s how the Bush administration has constantly been able to support the market through a carefully orchestrated campaign of leaks, rumors which lead to geopolitical jitters, then denials, and then ‘we don’t know” and then “no confirmation.”

      They did it before on February 13. They seem ot do it every time we get a really bad economic number, like March 7, particularly the monthly unemployment number, which is considered the king of monthly economic statistics. It was expected to show a payroll gain of 10,000, but it came out at minus 308,000. The market immediately called down 150 to 200 points. Panic selling conditions were declared on the floor.

      At 9:30 when the market opened, the Bush Administration let the first half hour go by. They let the market trade down and then they suck in all the short sellers. Then exactly at 10 o’clock, they announce that “two of Osama bin Laden's sons have been captured.” This was supposedly according to a Pakistani general. Then when CNN finally tracked this guy down, he says he didn’t know anything about it and he says that he didn’t release any rumors or reports.

      And it’s interesting how they’re able to do this. It makes you wonder how many guys they’re hiring to do this because they have a superb coordination staff of how to support the market and how to support the oil prices through carefully crafted leaks, rumors and denials.

      This must mean that they took the advice of Al Martin Raw.Com and actually instituted an LCB (Lie Coordination Bureau). They must have taken our suggestion (See archived story)and gotten it to work right, so at least we can say that they’re not totally incompetent.

      How deep does this conspiracy go to maintain unwarranted market bullishness?

      At 11 PM, CNN is running the wrong numbers for the S&P; futures – that morning’s pre-market opening numbers, yet saying that these are the futures prices for Monday – when its not. It makes the market appear higher than it actually is. I called CNN on their 800 toll free number where you’re supposed to tell them they made mistake. And they hung up on me.

      The Bushonomics Market Conspiracy must be maintained. Even though it’s transparently obvious, they don’t care.

    AL MARTIN is America's foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw, (

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