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P&O;/ Dubai Deal Prompts Senior Washington Democrats To Look at Iran Contra Connections: A Blast from the Past

(2-27-06) Subscribers interested in the welfare of Al Martin might want to know that Kroll Security made a concerted effort last week to locate Al Martin and to send somebody to talk to him, using the excuse of the lawsuit by Julian Robertson against Al Martin Raw. So last Saturday, we were visited by Wayne Barnes, 29-year retired FBI agent, who formerly worked in a variety of counterintelligence capacities, including CI-2, the specialty Soviet counterintelligence bureau in Washington during the 1980s. Mr. Barnes knew all the names; he knew Karpov and Shvets and he appeared to be a man well-versed in Iran Contra lore, having known all of the agency directors in Miami in the 1980s.

      Mr. Barnes however was interviewing me on behalf of this Julian Robertson lawsuit, ostensibly to identify me, or thatís what he claimed, and to make sure I really did exist -- despite the fact that recent depositions have been taken by Robertsonís counsel.

      In these recent depositions, Robertsonís attorney Richard Marooney had admitted to opposing counsel that they already knew that I was a real person. They knew where I was, and that this was obviously a fallacious attempt to pad the bill.

      This Wayne Barnes, supposedly senior consultant for Kroll in Miami, is perhaps not aware of the bigger picture -- that thereís something bigger behind this. Barnes told me when he was here that it was unusual. Why did they send somebody up from their Miami office when they have offices closer? Why did they specifically ask me about detailed counterintelligence knowledge and detailed Iran Contra knowledge? At the same time, we have discovered that Kroll is also looking for the renowned Iran Contra private investigator Steven Dinerstein and the former Iran Contra scamscateer Larry Hamil, both of whom I wrote about in my book "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider." Dinerstein told me theyíre also looking for Hamil, and they havenít been able to find him.

      So I have been left here trying to connect the dots. What I have been able to find out is that Kroll, of course, is close to certain senior Democratic interests in Washington, and that the ultimate Ďclientí behind this effort is a Democratic vice chairman of a powerful senatorial investigative committee.

      What theyíre looking into specifically are certain corporations that have contracts outstanding with Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), corporations that were initially formed in the 1980s. No names have been mentioned to me other than I've been told that I would recognize the names right away.

      These were sub contractor companies that involved George Bush Senior and Junior and several of the brothers in a variety of Iran Contra frauds in the 1980s and which are apparently still engaged in the same government contract frauds which have been renewed under a new Bushonian regime. No name has been mentioned other than this reference.

      One corporation mentioned was a corporation that I apparently was aware of in the 1980s (or had some connection with), which was a corporation that had the masthead names of both Senior and Junior. It was a corporation that was involved in (get this) the smuggling of illegal Mexicans into the United States. This was organized, wide-scale smuggling of illegal Mexicans into the United States, as well as providing them with false documents and taking them to employment sites at various farms, factories, and so on. But these were big corporate outfits controlled by pro-Bush-faction Republican interests primarily in the Southwest.

      Is this new information? It's new to me.

      This is a high-level smuggling operation -- not the Wal-Mart type hiring illegals shenanigans. This was organized and done at the highest level. They were hand-selected by people on the other side. They were given false documents that weren't false, that were really issued by the INS, driver's licenses, and then they were taken right to their employment sites, most of which were corporate agribusiness or factory businesses, by pro-Bush-faction Republicans.

      So what is the implication?

      The Democrats apparently want to start making some connections from the past to be able to say that a certain circle of -- not only the Bush family itself -- but pro-Bush-faction Republicans have colluded for years to defraud the United States government and to defraud various agencies of the United States government out of monies, in terms of contracts to deliver goods or services.

      This was an actual twisted contract that was given to this XYZ Corporation by the Department of Agriculture in the 1980s, which was then used to finance the widespread illegal immigration of Mexican migrants and supplying them with (I like the way they put it) falsely-issued genuine documents.

      It seems ironic that last week the column I wrote was entitled "Why the Democratic Party Should Be Dissolved."

      The Democrats as a party, by and large have given up. But there is a little organized circle at the top that want to take a huge parting shot. I know that Patrick Leahy and Jay Rockefeller have both wanted to take a massive parting shot at the Bushonian Cabal. They understand that days of the Democratic Party as a viable political institution are numbered.

      When I talked with Mr. Barnes, I said, "Why donít you ask Ollie North or Dick Secord about this?" You should have heard this guy. He tells me that weíre staying away from that. We've been told to stay away from that

      So it's interesting. The only parties they're trying to find are parties that were either scapegoated in the past or those that talked publicly and cooperated with Kerryís committee. The one commonality of everyone theyíre trying to find is that they were not so-called "protected persons." They are not the Oliver Norths or Richard Secords. They're trying to find those that cooperated with Senator John Kerry's Committee in 1987 and cooperated with subsequent Democratically controlled investigative committees on Iran Contra, Iraqgate, etc.

      What does that mean? This means that it is another effort to clean up or control liability. The Democrats are trying to bring this out. My thought is that what theyíre trying to do is what they tried to do before.

      My problem with all this is simple. The problem I have with all this is that this isn't the first time Democrats have come to people like me, making assurances if we help them and give them information, that "We'll protect you from the Bushonian kick in the pants."

      This column then should be considered as a public service reminder to all Iran-Contra Scapegoated Notables. Be careful of this because look what's happened to us before. The Democrats do not have the power. They don't have the ability to protect us from the Bushonian kick in the pants. We have found that out the hard way in the past.

      How many of us died under clouded circumstances or have been incarcerated on trumped up charges or forced to flee the United States because we helped Democrats before

      And it is wholly unfair of the Democrats to attempt to use us a second time unless they have the ability to protect us from the Great and All-Powerful Bushonian Cabal. This then is a public service notice to all Iran Contra scapegoats.

      I specifically told Mr. Barnes, "You know, every time I tried to help somebody uncover the truth in Washington post-1986, I got a kick in the pants for it." And I said, "I'm goddamn tired of doing it."

      He said, "Oh, well, thatís not what I'm trying to do here. We're just talking about the past. Iím going to write a book."

      His book is supposedly going to be about his life as an FBI counterintelligence agent, which he is going to write and fictionalize as a novel. I donít know how genuine that representation is or not.

      This seems like "The Democrats' Last Gasp: Striking Back at the Cabal." The sub-text is, "A public service announcement to all Iran Contra scapegoats!"

      During this visit from Kroll, I wasn't told not to breach any confidences because this guy wouldn't tell me what his real agenda was. He wanted to take my picture and show him ID. And I said, "Yeah, hereís some pieces." I showed him. He said, "Wait a minute. These are in different people's names." And I said, "Sure." He said, "Iíll show you some ID." And he showed me his driverís license and all this. And I said, "How do I know thatís you?"

      And he said, "Oh, come on, you can tell it's real. Hereís a picture of my family."

      "How do I know thatís real?" I said, "You and I have been in the same world. Nothing is real. No one is who they claim to be."

      He laughed. He understood. And he said, "Well, I've got to take a picture to prove to Marooney (Robertsonís attorney) that I actually met with you." And I said, "Wait a minute. How would Marooney know it was me in the picture if he didnít have another one to compare it with?"

      The way this thing is being used. I donít know if Marooney is aware of it. The minute my name started to come up, this thing got used as convenient excuse to approach me and to get me to talk about the past.

      We were talking about past names, places, dates, operations, code names, people that fell down, all sorts of stuff. It was obvious to me that this guy was trying to quantify what I knew. First he wanted to know who Al Martin was, although I think he probably already knew or he knew he had the Al Martin he was looking for. And then he wanted to quantify who I knew, about certain parties, what I knew about Bushes from the past, what I knew about all the departments. He was pumping me. He wanted to see what I knew.

      Of course we were shooting the breeze. The difference is he had a legal pad and ink pen and I didnít. Plus he was on the payroll.

      He was getting paid $200 an hour. I wasn't.

      If somebody who has gone to Kroll looking for this informationÖ Had Kroll approached me more up front, I would have talked to them for $100 an hour and they wouldnít have to pay somebody $200 an hour.

      This part could be called "How Kroll could have saved some money."

      I wonder if Julian Robertson realizes what he's footing the bill for? It was obvious by his appearance on CNBC that Julian Robertson is a 73-year-old confused and befuddled old man.

      The funny thing is that Julian with all his Bushonian connections -- does he know that he's financing, at least in part, a Democratic Party initiative to find out information and to locate people?

      Kroll after all is typically not used by Republicans. Who do the Republicans use for investigative work? The CIA. The Republicans got Langley.

      Does poor, befuddled, and confused septuagenarian Julian Robertson really understand what his $25,000 per month legal retainer is being used for?

      Does Julian Robertson really understand that he could be the downfall of the Bushonian Cabal? Does Julian understand that he is financing an effort that could expose Bushonian connections into certain corporations who have been proffering fraudulent contracts with a variety of federal agencies over a period of several decades? Does Julian understand heís financing a Democratic initiative that could severely embarrass his own friends?

      It seems that they are all clueless. Wayne had no idea. Julian has no idea. Marooney has no idea. Theyíre all pawns in the game. However, there is obviously somebody at Kroll that knows what this is all about.

      When you really think about it, it's interesting how smart the Democrats are to get a known radical pro-Bush-faction supporter to finance their own investigative effort -- an effort that would, at the very least, embarrass several members of the Bush family and other senior Republicans? Or was it just a coincidence?

      I think the Democrats are planning their grand parting shot here. This has connections to the P&O;/ Dubai scandal, as well as deep fraud dating back to the Second World War. It goes back to George Bush Sr.'s father selling scrap steel to the Germans, even during the time the war was going on, through a corporation in Portugal that was then controlled by the man who would have been King, the former Duke of Windsor.

      The latest hash with the ports being turned over to the Dubai company has connections into this as well. P&O; was a British-owned freight company.

      In the days of serious Iran Contra investigations, the renowned reporter Rebecca Simms looked into this. She said it was an opening hatch to get into the back door of what she called deep old frauds, some of which she had traced back to the times of Herbert Walker Sr. in the First World War.

      The P&O; had been used consistently, not only by Bushonian interests, but even by U.S. agencies to covertly smuggle all sorts of things to all sorts of places.

      But why the Democrats are looking into this is a mystery. I donít know what they think. They can do nothing but harm to people like me. Making inquiries, they can do nothing but harm. Why? A) They have no money to pay us. B) They have no way to protect us. Therefore, they can do nothing but harm. Their actions show that the Democrats are still under the delusion that public exposure of people like me gives us a meaningful soapbox to stand on.

      It's nonsense. Is it Democratic fantasy? Or have senior Democrats like Patrick Leahy, Jay Rockefeller, and Ted Kennedy been living in such a fantasy world where Bush Channel, I mean Clear Channel, doesn't control the majority of all radio talk shows in the nation? Has it been so long, that they have not come down from their ivory towers, that they do not realize who now controls mainstream media?

      Frankly, it's not even the old Democrats. It's these young wide-eyed Democratic idealistic lawyers on the general counsel staff of these investigative committees that keep pushing this. Because now a whole new generation finds out about Iran Contra, and look at all these connections and, oh, we've just hit the mother lode -- not realizing that their predecessors of the 1980s went also the same route for naught.

      And that's fundamentally unfair, what I want to get across is this. The Democrats keep jeopardizing the Iran-Contra aggrieved and scapegoated out of naivete, thinking that they're helping us when, in fact, they're not. And the only way the Democrats should be trying to look at something from the past and piecing it together is if they have the power and the money to protect people and to settle grievances from the other side of the aisle.

      That's what is most upsetting.

      My first thought was -- there's a Republican interest behind this. But why? Why would a Republican interest try to go back and identify old Iran Contra guys? They would know it already. Indeed, what vested interest would they have to go back and try to make contact with people at all. The days of the envelopes are over because they know we haven't got any platform.

      The more I thought about all this, the more it made sense to me. Kroll has connections with Democratic contacts and other sundry apparatchiks. It would be naive enough to think that they can make any difference.

      COMING NEXT WEEK: The real story behind the scenes of the Dubai and P&O; deal. Who really profits from the deep connections between the Bush family, the Sabah family, which runs Kuwait, and the Maktoum family, which runs Dubai?

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