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Kerry’s Losing Campaign: Incompetence or Conspiracy? (Part 2); Pat Buchanan, Write-In Candidate

This is the question. Is John Kerry throwing the election to his fellow Bonesman George Bush, who is also member of a secret society called the Order of Skull and Bones? The evidence suggests that he certainly is. The fact that he hasn’t hired any competent consultants like Jim Carville certainly suggests that he is not putting his all into this campaign fight. To the informed observer, it certainly appears that this so-called incompetence may be more calculated than inadvertent.

      The fact that his campaign staff is largely comprised of thirty-something wide-eyed liberals who don’t know the realities of Washington and who weren’t there in the 1980s, as it were, and don’t know what’s happening, do not know the realities, would suggest that this is not an unintentional level of incompetence, but an intentional level of incompetence designed as a losing proposition at the polls.

      Indeed, Kerry is being looked at increasingly as a losing proposition by other Democrats because senior Democrats, all of whom are wealthy, do not want to stick their neck out to support Kerry, since their vested financial interest (as is Kerry’s vested financial interest being the spouse of a multibillionaire) is aligned with Bushonian interests.

      It should be remembered that Kerry is married to a woman who is a beneficiary of an $8 billion trust, whose principal assets, by the way, are not Heinz stock, as is commonly presumed, but stock positions, or share ownership, in other words, of the so-called group of 117 corporations, which is the so-called preferred group, from which more than half of all Republican political and special interest money comes from. These are the 117 corporations, making up the bulk of the defense- pharmaceutical/ health care-tobacco, etc. industries, which constitute the core of Republican money. In fact, those industries, indeed, represent the control of the planet. If you take the largest energy companies, the largest health care and pharmaceutical companies, the largest defense companies, the largest financial services companies, etc., they do, effectively, constitute control of the planet’s financial resources.

      The only other assumption that can be made is that the Kerry campaign is simply incompetent by its very nature and not by design. John Kerry is a politician who was, after all, a compromise candidate for the Democratic ticket and whom the Democratic National Committee thought could be swept in on an anti-Bush vote. Therefore you put in a compromise candidate who is reasonably clean, i.e. not involved in any major frauds and can’t be connected to any, but also a guy who is frightened to stick out his neck, as it were. This is a man that dropped the ball in the Kerry Committee hearings, who purposely did not look at Bushonian involvement during the 1980s Iran-Contra period in a variety of illegal acts. That would bespeak of a man who has common interests with the Bushonian Cabal.

      The very fact that he dropped the ball, that he did not look at the panoply of Bushonian-inspired fraud -- insurance fraud, banking fraud, securities, oil and gas, and real estate fraud: “the five all-time favorite Republican frauds,” to use Richard Secord’s words. And he ignored the CIA trafficking in cocaine.

      So the question remains: is it conspiracy or is it incompetence? Is he actually conspiring? Is his seeming incompetence as a candidate, both individually and the campaign organization behind him, is their seeming incompetence tantamount to a conspiracy to make sure that he loses? And to make sure that George Bush and Bushonomics is maintained, from which the $8-billion trust that his wife is the primary beneficiary?

      Look at it in terms of net worth. Here’s an interesting point - Teresa Heinz Kerry is one of the top 100 individual citizens in the nation who has benefited MOST from Bushonomics -- by virtue of the net value of her assets increasing after taxation due to Bushonomics. She is one of the top 100 people in the nation who has benefited from Bushonian tax cuts for the wealthy.

      From that perspective, John Kerry’s professed agenda, wherein he said he would raise capital gains tax, for instance, that he would raise unearned income tax, i.e., taxation on dividends and interest (the reason he’s saying that) is that he would have to do so in order to reduce the Bushonian budget deficits he would inherit. However, if you look at the numbers that he is talking about in terms of raising capital gains taxes, in terms of raising unearned income taxes, it would incre4ase his wife’s income tax liability by some $50 million per annum.

      Simply put, if Kerry is elected, and if he makes good on his promise, which he would have to do in order to combat the fiscal mess he is inheriting (i.e., Bushonian budget and trade deficits) he would have to raise capital gains taxes and unearned income taxes. If you look at the numbers that he is talking about, the numbers that he has implied that he would increase capital gains and unearned income taxes by, the amount of tax shelters, offshore tax shelters that he said he would close if elected, that would be correct

      Of course, he would be acting against his own best interest. This gets back to what George Wallace said There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between a Democrat and Republican -- when both of them have a net worth of more than $10 million. And George Wallace knew he was right. That is one of the great truisms of American politics. So is Kerry throwing the election? If your answer is Yes, you would have to omit the fact that, although his wife is the prime beneficiary of said trust, she is what is known as a restricted and specified beneficiary. In other words, she has no control over the trust and she has only a defined benefit from that trust in terms of the dollar amount.

      The question remains -- If a brother Bonesman or brother Mason says, “Look, pal. This time it’s been decided -- you’re going to throw the election because that’s what’s been decided,” what’s a guy going to do?

      After all here are only 800 living members of the Order of Skull and Bones in the world. And two of them are "competing" against each other for the title of President of the United States.

      The bottom line is that John Kerry is married to a woman who has an enormous vested interest in the status quo. That’s something that you can’t put it any other way. The status quo in this case is a continuation of Bushonomics, from which she is one of the top 100 beneficiaries of all American citizens, no less. This is an interesting statistic that John Kerry, being married into this, has a vested interest.

      Who do you think in the last analysis is going to pay off the $8 million mortgage he took against his personal properties, real properties, to help finance his campaign? Who do you think is paying that off? It ain’t him!

      It never made any sense to me, when it was announced that John Kerry encumbered personal real property that he owned to the extent of $8 million in order to pump up his campaign war chest.

      If you look at the debt service on that $8 million of encumbrance, given current interest rates--this was released, by the way: That encumbrance was made on a 7-year mortgage basis, based on a one-year variable rate. But even if you look at it that way, given current 1-year adjustable rates, the interest alone on the mortgage service is $263,000 per annum.

      If you pick apart this man’s net worth, you find out that he doesn’t really have much of any other income other than that of his senatorial salary. He’s not a member of the board of directors of any large corporation. He doesn’t have any advisory or consulting jobs.

      And blind trusts? The reason why John Kerry didn’t form a blind trust is that he didn’t have any so-called interested assets; interested assets meaning stocks and bonds, the value of which were above $1 million. That’s what the FEC declares to be interested assets. His so-called interested assets, meaning those assets from which he could have a conflict of interest, did not meet the FEC bar. Beyond his senatorial salary, this guy’s total income from interest, dividends and all other sources individually, beyond his senatorial salary, is only $58,000 a year. Therefore if you take his senatorial salary, add to that all of his other miscellaneous income--dividend, interest income, honorarium that he is allowed under the $25,000 cap, etc.–if you add all of that together, it does not equal the interest payment on the $8-million mortgage that he took out.

      Clinton’s campaign guy Jim Carville spoke about this. His whole context about John Kerry was talking about the seeming incompetence of John Kerry and his staff. Carville said that a proven winner for Democrats has not been brought aboard by the Kerry campaign people. Why? Because if Carville was brought aboard, who knows? John Kerry might actually win. And we couldn’t have that now!

      What Carville implied, in his off-the-cuff remarks, is that: Is John Kerry and his campaign’s seeming incompetence just that? Or is it by design? He was incredulous about the same thing I was incredulous about. And that is the concept of how could this guy John Kerry possibly build a campaign organization around him that is so incompetent?

      It’s almost like he must have been working on a model designed by somebody else of how to build the most incompetent campaign possible. Senior Democrats won’t support him because they know he’s a losing proposition. But there’s got to be some answer. What we have just done is provided an answer for the reason why Kerry will not go into the Kerry Committee hearings, for the reason why he will not use information that he has about the Bush family or George Bush Jr. individually.

      Why is he not mentioning the billions of dollars of Bushonian insurance, securities, banking, real estate, and oil and gas fraud committed in the 1980s?

      Why is he not using the fact that the nine documents George Bush released publicly and now the Department of Defense and IRS are saying records have been destroyed?

      Why isn’t John Kerry out there mentioning the fact, which would have totally countered the Swift Boat commercials?

      Why doesn’t John Kerry come out and say, “There is no documented evidence that George Bush Jr. ever served in the Texas National Guard?” Why isn’t he saying that?

      That would totally counter the Swift Boat commercials and it would put George Bush Jr. on the defensive on this issue. Why hasn’t he said that? In fact, it is the truth. There is no documented evidence that George Bush Jr. ever served in the Texas National Guard, as we have illustrated before. (See column from Sept 13)

      The 9 documents and 2 photographs that the Bush-Cheney campaign released are not documented evidence of his service. None of those documents contain a photocopy of George Bush’s signature on a flight manifest, on a pay receipt, on anything.

      But this is what happens – we live in the land of American Crony Capitalism.

      Are you a Democrat? Remember, in America, crony capitalism rules. Hey, pal. You ain’t in socialist welfare Canada or Great Britain, France or Germany; you’re in America, baby, the land of crony capitalism.

      Then there are the wild cards. One of them is Pat Buchanan, who has been hitting the talk show circuit to promote his new book, “Where the Right Went Wrong,” which is a concerted attack on the neo-con faction within the Republican Party, and how close Bush-Cheney are to this faction, and how this faction got us into Iraq and Afghanistan. It is certainly a backdoor attack on Israeli connections. And it resonates with working class Republicans who support Buchanan and who are frightened of the neo-cons.

      So what would happen if Pat Buchanan initiated a write-in campaign? He is getting more exposure than he’s gotten in a number of years. If Buchanan continues the intimation of a write-in campaign, I wouldn’t be surprised if certain political organizations, maybe even some labor unions, might start pushing this idea of a Buchanan write-in campaign. You’ve got to remember that there is an awful lot of working class Republican labor members who traditionally would vote conservative Republican rather than Democrat. Just like the Bush-Cheney campaign has done everything it could to help Nader.

      A Buchanan could take away a lot of votes from Bush. What he talks about is his beliefs about George Bush and Co. is doing, linking George Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Perle. He links the neo-cons and Bush-Cheney and Rumsfeld all in one little knot.You go in the heartland America, and particularly among working class Republicans there is this belief that the neo-cons have hijacked the Republican Party.

      Pat seems to be letting out the trial balloon. He wants to get other organizations to take the lead and start banging the drum for a Buchanan write-in campaign.

      This is something I found out behind the scenes. Pat hasn’t said this publicly; I found this out from someone who is very friendly with Perot’s attorney Tom Luce. Pat Buchanan has talked to Perot recently regarding seeking Perot’s support for a potential write-in candidacy.

      All it would take is for one group to get behind this idea of a Buchanan write-in campaign and you would see other groups immediately fall in line. He’s acting like he’s almost running for President talking about this book. He didn’t talk all that much about the book. He’s saying that there is a huge division within the Republican Party and that the Bush-Cheney regime has sold out to the neo-con faction and has abandoned working class Republicans. He knows that strikes a nerve with people who have lost their jobs under Bushonomics, the working class Republicans in the southwestern states that are concerned about the illegal immigration problem, and who are concerned about the open borders situation, and who are are concerned about how Bush-Cheney were so quick to grant China most-favored nation status.

      All these issues are betrayals of typical conservative values, as Pat points out. And this constant pandering that the Bush-Cheney regime does to the religious right, this is dangerous for the liberties of American citizens. This is also another issue that plays out with working class Republicans. Fiscally conservative Republicans who are concerned about growing Bushonian budgets and the buildup of the national debt SHOULD be voting for Pat Buchanan. Pat Buchanan is hitting all the hot buttons, and he’s bringing it together. He’s saying how he supports stem cell research and how much of the Republican Party does. He has even gone so far to say, or to intimate that if he actually were to make some sort of a speech indicating that he was a write-in candidate, that Nancy Reagan would support him publicly.

      Arrangements are now being made for Nader to drop out and support Kerry. They’re going to have to throw Nader a bone. They should have done this months ago. They’ll pay some lip service to environmental issues. They’re going to have to say that if Kerry-Edwards are elected, that Ralph Nader will be the 5th Assistant Deputy Secretary. He’d be a great Secretary of the Interior. He doesn’t even drive a car.

      You think of that combination, though: It’s at the point where all it takes is for one group to come out and start pushing Pat Buchanan as a write-in.

      Pat Buchanan is just waiting for some political group to foster the idea of a write-in campaign, and you’ll see how quick he’ll jump behind it.

      This could be his campaign slogan – Vote for Pat. No More Bonesmen.


    * AL MARTIN is an independent economic-political analyst with 25 years of experience as a trader on NYMEX, CME, CBOT and CFTC. As a former contributor to the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, Al Martin is considered to be a source of independent analysis for financially sophisticated and market savvy investors.

After working as a broker on Wall Street, Al Martin was involved in the so-called "Iran Contra" Affair as a fundraiser for the Bush Cabal from the covert side of government aka the US Shadow Government.

His memoir, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," ( provides an unprecedented look at the frauds of the Bush Cabal during the Iran Contra era. His weekly column, "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway," is published weekly on Al Martin, which also publishes a bimonthly newsletter called "Whistleblower Gazette."

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