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Sedition & Treason in the US Imperial State

(May 19) The most important story last week was -- The Department of Homeland Security Pursues Seditious Democrats. The 50+ “Fugitive Democrats” were the Texas state legislators who were hiding out at the Holiday Inn in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Governor Rick Perry of Texas, an Arch Bushonian Cabalist, in fact, issued arrest warrants for them under the seditious utterance and publication acts, insofar as they were obstructing the will of the State (not the state of Texas, but the Nation State. Note the capital S.) And what’s behind this fracas? It’s a redistricting bill that’s being sponsored and pushed by Congressman Tom Delay. The Democrats are asking, and rightfully so, why is the US Congressman from Texas involved in an issue which should be a state issue? This should be decided by the Texas state legislature, not by a United States Congressman – and furthermore not by an Arch-Right-Wing Nut like Delay.

      If the redistricting bill is passed, it will eliminate between 5 and 7 Democratic seats in the State of Texas. Delay stated in an interview that the Democratic Texas delegation has consistently stood against the Leader. Those are his words. He means George Bush Junior. He looks at it as his God-given mission to eliminate the Democratic Party from Texas and in so doing make Texas the first Sedition-Free State in the union.

      Although the media is trying to put a humorous spin on it, there is a more serious (and sinister) side to the situation. The Texas Republicans, particularly the Speaker of the House Tom Craddick, as well as Texas Governor Perry and Congressman Delay are using this incident to do what they say they intend to do – to eliminate the Democratic Party in the state of Texas.

      They’ve even made playing cards with the Texas Democrats on them, implying that they are terrorists like the DoD playing cards with the Wanted Iraqis.

      There was evidently a letter sent out by the Republican Committee caucus of the Texas state legislature urging loyal Texas Republicans to start taking down the names of their Democratic neighbors, whom they feel may be harboring seditious views.

      And the 9-11 Presidential Commission Investigative Report has still not been released, although Democrats in Congress have tried to force its release. The report has long since been done. This is the report by the 911 Investigative Committee chaired by Henry Kissinger who resigned because he refused to disclose his Middle Eastern clients, particularly his Saudi clients. After Kissinger’s resignation, the committee was chaired by Paul Bremer, who is currently the defacto Overseer of US Occupied Iraq. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said he doesn’t care how much pressure there is; the report will not be released until all information that would embarrass the Saudi government has been removed. But the Democrats are beginning to push the concept of backing away from Saudi Arabia, a concept that scares the Bush Regime because of their deep financial interests there. They don’t care about strategic oil or political ties. It all comes down to money – the Bushonian Cabal’s personal financial interests in Saudi Arabia, including the personal interests of the Bush and Cheney Families.

      But as I’ve said on radio shows before, these Democrats who are holed up in the Holiday Inn SHOULD have been arrested. Why? Because they were in clear violation of the relevant statutes of the sedition act as now revised and expanded, thanks to the USA Patriot Act.

      To put this in some context, the president now has the absolute authority, under the expansion of the War Powers Act of 1947 therein contained in the USA Patriot Act. This expansion of these powers means, in this case, that once the president declares a State of National Emergency, which he did on September 14, 2001, three days after the 9-11 incident, that effectively authorizes the president to do a variety of things—postpone elections, cancel elections, impose a state of martial law, order the arrest of any legislative or judicial members of government, etc. Those powers had always existed. However the president couldn’t act without the consent of Congress. He couldn’t assume these imperial powers without a super-majority vote in Congress and without a majority opinion from the Supreme Court.

      The USA Patriot Act, however, sidelines the legislative and judicial branches from their oversight role – legislative oversight or judicial review after the President declared a state of National Emergency. It gives the president the power to act by edict.

      Therefore, with the extension of the seditious utterance and publication act, the president has the right to authorize the attorney general to swear out arrest warrants against any member of any legislative branch of the government of the United Sates which includes by the way state legislators like Texas -- should this legislator act to obstruct or otherwise frustrate the will of the State or impede its operations.

      The Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Justice, is now charged with arrest of these Texas Democrat legislators. Once the president has declared martial law, the Department of Homeland Security would assume many of the powers of the Department of Justice.

      We are currently living under a State of National Emergency, a lesser act than the imposition of the state of Martial Law, which the president has not yet imposed, but he still has as much power.

      Here is the key difference between the old law and the new law. Under the old law, short of the imposition of martial law, i.e. the imposition of a declared state of national emergency, the president had to seek legislative review and judicial oversight. That is the key difference. He no longer has to do that.

      However, now the president, since he has declared a state of National Emergency, can now rule by edict and has assumed therefore extra-legal powers. To some degree, that sidelines the Department of Justice because the DoJ is not authorized to carry out arrests under extralegal proceedings. That’s one of the reasons the Office of Homeland Security was created.

      By this reasoning the Seditious Democrats in Texas are endangering the security of the State because they were obstructing a vote in the Texas legislature. Therefore they were impeding the will of the State (the Nation State). This has nothing to do with the bickering over redistricting in Texas. It doesn’t make any difference what they were voting for, whether it was for more fire hydrants or whatever else.

      The Texas Democrats are therefore required to be there. Why do you think the governor had authorized using his powers under the USA Patriot Act? The governor stated that he would authorize the state police and/or the Texas Rangers. In other words, he would order the arrest of these legislators if they were in the state of Texas. This is a power that is granted to state governors under the USA Patriot Act.

      Since the Texas Democrats were out of the state (beyond his jurisdiction), he had to go to the attorney general of the United States who then in turn had to go the Department of Homeland Security because the arrests at a federal level would have been an extra-legal proceeding. Not illegal, but an extra-legal proceeding, which would have required the Department of Homeland Security to actually order the FBI or the US Marshals office to place these guys under arrest once they were in federal jurisdiction – the minute they crossed state lines.

      When they do not perform their constitutional duties, the Texas Democratic legislators become liable then since they are acting in a seditious capacity.

      Had the next step been taken, had Deputy Reichsfueherer Ridge of the Department of Homeland Security actually ordered the FBI or the US Marshals office to take these people into custody and had they then continued to evade that custody, then the charges would have been upgraded to treason against the Republic of the United States.

      If they attempt to evade arrest when in federal jurisdiction against extra-legal proceedings (the United States now being in a state of declared National Emergency), the charges would be upgraded to treason. Here‘s how they make the leap. This is also part of the new law, which has been vastly expanded. It’s called “implied harboring.”

      To make the leap from sedition to treason, here’s what needs to take place. First, the Department of Homeland Security would have had to have stated that the wayward legislators were attempting to impede or frustrate the will of the State. Insofar, as it was obvious that they were not going to vote for a proposal by the will of the majority of the said legislative body, they were attempting to impede the will of the majority of a governing body. That means that they could have been declared as harboring views contrary to the security of the State and the domestic tranquility of the people. That is treason. (It didn’t used to be, but now it is.)

      The harboring is implied because the reason they fled was to obstruct the will of the majority.

      The USA Patriot Act, in conjunction with the expansion of the Seditious Publications and Utterance Act and the vast expansion of presidential powers under the War Powers Act of 1947 et al, then significantly waters down constitutional guarantees under a bicameral system of government.

      We are now in a state of National Emergency which means that constitutional bicameral guarantees of legislative bodies DO NOT exist.

      It can be declared “seditious” or “treasonous” for a minority in a legislative body to “obstruct” the will of the majority. That now translates into obstructing the will of the State. Because the President says so. The President is the Leader of the majority party. His power by edict, after the imposition of a state of National Emergency, is ABSOLUTE and UNCHALLENGABLE by any legislative or judicial body.

      The only body that can review the expansion of powers is the new Supreme National Security Court in Washington, not to be confused with the old National Security Court.

      There is a new National Security Court as well as a New Supreme National Security Council. Remember now we have four; we used to have two.

      The president directly chairs and controls the new National Security Court and the New Supreme National Security Council. You can tell the difference because the “new” and the old because it has the word “Supreme” in it.

      People don’t seem to understand that with the passage of the USA Patriot Act and subsequent pieces of legislation, the President has fulfilled the requirements by the imposition of a declared state of National Emergency to now act in this extralegal capacity given to him with the passage of these various pieces of legislation.

      President now has the power to act as the Supreme Leader of the State.

      George Bush actually said that if he was a dictator, it would make it much easier. (See CNN transcript

      The word “dictator” is not used in the text, which comprises HR 3601, which now is actually over 4000 pages, when you include the subsequent legislation related to it.

      Instead of using the word “dictator,” you will see the word “supreme” used. As in “supreme power, Supreme National Security Council, the Supreme National Security Court, the Supreme office of World Internet Police, etc.

      Anytime you see the word “supreme” used in the creation of these new federal agencies offices or bureaus, it means that the President can direct these agencies, etc. to act in an extra-legal authority, which is tantamount to dictatorial rule.

      This is the ineluctable conclusion – and we have allowed this to happen in the United States of America.

      As soon as Orrin Hatch and John Warner, the Chief Bushonian Minions of the Republican controlled Senate mark up and pass the NICA (National Identity Card Act) funding bill, which failed in last years’ Democratic majority controlled senate, and the bill to overturn the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, then the President’s power will be absolute.

      We will then go from a semi-dictatorship to a full dictatorship. They won’t need any more pretenses. After the Posse Comitatus Act is overturned (the real Bushonian agenda – and they’ve said so, so that none of this is all that secret. The Bush Regime has made their agenda rather public. They’re not acting secretly. They want the militarization of domestic law enforcement. They have already set up all the offices and machinations, to wit the new NorthCom Command (North American Command) in Philadelphia, the establishment of a fifth service branch to be headed by a four star general who will then become the chief law enforcement officer of the nation. The Attorney General will relinquish that title because it will be required. Obviously if you’re militarizing law enforcement, you're going to have a military officer as chief law enforcement of the nation.

      And here’s’ what the Bush administration has done. They haven’t got (A) yet, but they’ve already put in all of the (B) through (Z). Now all they need is the A. The infrastructure is already in place and ready to go.

      In the words of Ashcroft, the so-called secret court within the Department of Justice would be done away with and replaced with a new Office of Political Security, which can then act in complete secrecy. The Attorney General would still nominally direct the Office of Political Security and Rumsfeld has already stated that with the establishment of the Northcom Command in a post Posse Comitatus environment, the Department of Defense would do away with its internal security division and then set up an expanded Office of State Security.

      The Department of Defense would then become involved in domestic law enforcement and more importantly the ferreting out of all seditious elements. For instance, the control of the CILF Program (Civilian Inmate Labor Facility), which is now jointly under the control of FEMA and the Department of Justice. Then it would be transferred to the Office of State Security and would be administered directly by the military.

      But people are joking about it because the mainstream media has turned it into a joke (Democrats holed up in a Holiday Inn). It was Tom Delay’s idea originally to have these people arrested and charged with sedition. When he made his comments that it was his God given right to eliminate Democratic Party influence in Texas and thus declare Texas the First Sedition-Free State in the union, he did it on purpose. In Delay's mind, Democrats are seditious by their very nature. And he’s right – under the new interpretation of the laws previously mentioned. Being a Democrat or the opposition party and acting to frustrate the will of the Supreme Leader is seditious.

      Anyone who attempts to impede or frustrate the will of the Leader of the New Imperial State is acting in a seditious capacity.

      As it has been pointed out quite correctly, the Democrats are not an opposition party anymore in our new defacto One Party State. No money equals no power. Therefore the Democrats have become superfluous and they cannot meet the constitutional bar as it were to be an effective party in opposition.

      And how does this relate to the history of the Roman Empire? The exact equivalent is what we have in this country today would be when Imperial Rome moved from Tiberius to Caligula, his grandson.

      The United States is now entering the era of the “Twelve Caesars.” On the flowchart of the Twelve Caesars – George Bush and Company represent the passage to Caligula from Tiberius.

      The great emperors who had built Imperial Rome – Caesar Augustus, Caesar Hadrian, Caesar Tiberius – it was all destroyed under Caligula. Caligula had senior members of the Imperial Senate murdered and seized all power for himself, until he was assassinated himself. Then Nero finished the job by making the Emperor truly the emperor in terms of ruling by edict.

      We know about Nero, but what about the Bushonian Cabal? What are their sexual proclivities?

      Remember what Nero said – half my empire to be a woman. He wanted to be a woman so desperately that he would have given half his empire. The Caesars weren’t just bi-sexual, homosexual, and transsexual. They were polymorphous.

      And now in America, you have a politically popular president, who’s doing stupid and costly, but politically popular things, with control of the media, which spins everything the right way and with everyone waving the flag around.

      Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” But the Bushonian Cabal has even transcended that.

      Now Patriotism is the Last Refuge of the Would-be Dictator.



    AL MARTIN is America's foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw, (

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