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Thank you for your support.

We would like to remind you that in an era of rising costs, our subscription rates have actually gone down over the last five years when we converted from $6.95 per month to $39 semi-annually. Now we have been forced to increase the rate to $49 per six-months. However even at that price we feel that we are still below other competitive website news-analysis services.

We would also like to remind our subscribers that you are welcome to email us at any time (customercare at and get your sophisticated financial questions answered regarding markets or your own financial situation. These include questions about the stock market, gold and silver, etc.

Since we are 100% subscriber supported, you do not have to wade through pages and pages of advertising. There are no pop-up ads or high-pressure sales of other companies’ products, like for instance, survivalist supplies or Pure Soap. We have purposely turned down offers of corporate sponsorship, since we believe we would be pressured to tone down telling people the truth about the Bushonian Cabal and other geo-political realities.

However we are not immune to the higher costs of doing business under Bushonomics, including inflation etc. All the costs related to our staff have also increased and since we have also had to pay more, Al Martin is increasing the subscription price from $39 to $49 per six months.

However, in light of this new burden of Bushonomics on our subscribers, we would like to offer current subscribers of Al Martin a 10% discount on Insider Intelligence subscriptions -- $89 instead of the usual $99 per 6 months.

And in another nod to Bushonomics, subscribers can also buy one book and get one free (“The Conspirators” and “Bushwhacked”). Shipping and handling charges are included.

Thanks again for your support.

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