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Missing Chemical Weapons at Redstone

      Huntsville-based FBI agents have discovered that chemical weapons are being sold illegally out of the Redstone Arsenal. Apparently older chemical weapons systems which have been retired and scheduled for destruction are illegally being sold out the back door.

      In fact, even the FBI couldn't get over the fact that there's virtually no security regarding these stockpiles of chemical weapons. They are completely unprotected. They're not in secure bunkers like they're supposed to be. Even the doors are unlocked. There's not even a lock on the door, even though the Department of Defense own internal edicts require the chemical weapons to be stored in special high security storage facilities. These protocols are not being followed. And there is virtually no inventory control of retired chemical weapons.

      The FBI has just found out. It was an extension of their original investigation of illicit weapons systems sales (See "Fraud as Usual at Redstone Arsenal") Then they got into the fraudulent double-dipping pensions, as we have mentioned before. (See "FBI Angst")

      The FBI was evidently just bumbling along and they happened to stumble into these things. It should be noted that the FBI has no jurisdiction at Redstone Arsenal. They need to be invited onto the base as a matter of fact. They have no power of arrest on what is considered military jurisdiction. So what happens? Nothing. Ultimately a report will be filed and it will end up in the hands of the Attorney General. Then the Attorney General will send a letter to the Secretary of Defense saying that this is what we've discovered and you ought to do something about it. But then nothing is ever done.

      The conditions that these retired chemical weapons are being kept under are so deplorable and lack of security is so egregious that FBI agents have quickly realized that they would have to ask for a transfer to get away from the place.

      The notion that these chemical weapons systems were being sold illegally to other countries through nefarious unregistered weapons brokers was appalling enough. What the FBI agents were upset about was living in such close proximity to it. In other words, people are aware that chemical weapons are being stored there, but the same people believe that DoD guidelines are being followed for storing hazardous weapons.

      They just were not prepared for what they saw. Barrels full of dangerous chemicals that are rusted and leaking. No locks on the door. Nobody knows how much of anything there is or how much is missing. If anyone ever got in there with a bomb intent on some terrorist activity, all they'd have to do is blow the place up. And God knows how far the contamination would spread.

      Evidently some dangerous chemicals were stolen. When the FBI checked into it (it's a federal crime), they found that the missing chemical weapons were enough to eliminate about three states.

      Nobody would admit to what it is or what it isn't. This theft or disappearance of these chemical weapons is usually called "shrinkage" in stores. At Redstone Arsenal, they call it "inadvertent evaporation." Of course, that might refer to the chemical itself but not the canister in which it's stored. At Redstone Arsenal, however the canisters are also missing.

      Apparently the supervisor said something to the brigadier general in charge of Redstone about the chemical weapons missing and about the chemical weapons leaking into the soil and not being properly protected or properly disposed of. They're actually lying. They're saying that the weapons are being disposed of in a timely fashion when in fact they're not.

      The supervisor said to the brigadier general, "Aren't you concerned about the health of your own troops?"

      The brigadier general laughed and said, "Oh, don't worry. Exposure to toxic chemicals builds character."

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