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Why Iraq Was Recently Bombed & A Blast from the Past

      According to the Friendly Colonel, the real motivation behind the recent bombing of Iraqi missile installations was an attempt to destroy certain weapons systems the US had sold to Iraq through Russian arms dealers via the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama. (See "Fraud-As-Usual at Redstone Arsenal")

      In fact, these weapons systems were sold in order to help Iraq maintain tension and thus justify the continuing US military buildup in the Middle East, particularly US ground forces.

      The word is that UN teams were about to launch another inspection of Iraqi military sites. If they found US military technology there, they would be bound to ask embarrassing questions.

      Thus the air strikes and bombing were simply a way to destroy the evidence.

      The US is selling weapons essentially to maintain tension in the Middle Eastern theater -- to justify increases in the US defense budget, and to divert attention from congressional and other investigating committees which are investigating not only what is going on the Redstone Arsenal, i.e. illegally selling weapon systems to other nations, but also investigating the Department of Defense regarding their expenditures.

      As Senator Byrd noted and the GAO Report stated quite clearly, there is $2.3 trillion of DoD spending that could not be accounted for during the past 10 years.

      Regarding the Middle East, the US military wanted to get bases in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It wasn't Desert Storm that made it possible to do so. The only reason that was possible was leaving Saddam Hussein in power. It gave the US the ability to build military bases on Saudi and Kuwaiti territory. Saddam was kept in power because of the larger US geo-economic and geo-military interests.

      In order to exercise those interests, the United States had to have the ability to base ground troops in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, or the Arab Emirates. They had to have a rationale. This would also de-emphasize Israel, which is what the Republicans have wanted to do. The Republicans pay lip service to Israel only because of the American Jewish vote.

      Behind the scenes, the Republicans have always wanted to back away from Israel. They have long since felt that Israel has too much influence in the region and the US is forced to rely too much on Israel. Ergo, Israel is able to extract $2 billion of US aid every year plus a whole panoply of other gifts and grants. It's not the money. It's the influence itself which was becoming a problem. There is a large anti-Jewish sentiment within the Republicans particularly within the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

      Regarding the Gulf War, the Bush Sr. Administration said that the reasons the US didn't go in and get Saddam is because the American people were beginning to complain about the number of casualties we were inflicting on the Iraqis. It was a cover story pure and simple.

      The truth is that the United States wanted Saddam to remain in power because there was only one shot to take Saddam out. He had to be liquidated. He couldn't be captured even though he was under indictment in the United States for a variety of charges and also under indictment in the World Court. But the United States couldn't afford to have Saddam a prisoner and thus be able to talk about his relationship with the Reagan-Bush Regime.

      The only prisoner of war in the United States, Manuel Antonio Noriega, isn't really a parallel either. The government had a long time to cover its bases before going after Noriega. That's why they waited so long. By the time they went after Noriega in 1989, the Reagan-Bush Regime was able to distance itself from Noriega before going after him. A lot of documents had been shredded. A lot of the key interlinks between Noriega and the Reagan-Bush Regime had been hushed up or paid off or liquidated or imprisoned or discredited.

      There was enough cover that the US could launch an invasion in order to seize Noriega. Then the government has the ability to put him before whomever they wanted They made sure they got a Republican judge. They made sure they got a judge who would deny Noriega the ability to put on a CIA Defense.

      Noriega attempted to claim that he had a long standing relationship with the CIA vis-a-vis using Panama as a trans-shipment point CIA-sponsored guns and drugs operations, including Oliver North's guns-for-drugs operation.

      There had to be vindictiveness against Noriega to justify the over $200 million that was spent going after him and the 36 American casualties. It was framed as a military maneuver, but it was actually the most expensive and costly extradition in the history of the United States -- $236 milion of taxpayer money.

      When Noriega wouldn't deal, he had to go. The Bushites offered Noriega everything in the world to keep his mouth shut regarding his knowledge of Iran-Contra and the involvement of the CIA, the NSC and the Bush Family.

      When Iran-Contra fell apart on the day after Thanksgiving in 1986, Noriega successfully avoided any subpoenas from the Kerry Committee because he was a head of State, but he had to be dealt with in some fashion.

      He refused every offer. They offered him a very comfortable exile in the Dominican Republic, then in Venezuela, then in Portugal. These are the traditional places for Caribbean and Central American dictators. And all sorts of financial guarantees were given him. And still he refused to step down from power.

      Noriega didn't understand the exposure that he represented to the Reagan-Bush Regime. The government claimed to have gotten $60 million, but in fact they only got about $7 million that the idiot had on deposit in banks in Miami. They didn't get any of his offshore money. They didn't even know where it was.

      And then, after all, he had Frank Rubino, an ex-CIA agent, for an attorney.

      Rubino's job at the CIA, when he was head of Central American Affairs Desk at the CIA, was to distance the US Government from the likes of Noriega. Then Rubino winds up as Noriega's defense counsel.

      And how was it that Rubino was getting paid his millions of dollars? Rubino had hired a well-known Hollywood, Florida private investigator named William Ventura, who had extensive experience in Iran-Contra operations. He was able to secret money from Noriega in secret Guatemalan accounts then bring them back to Miami. Ventura would make a trip then reappear with bags of cash after he withdrew monies from Noriega's secret Guatemalan accounts.

      In Guatemala, Ventura dealt with Noriega's agent Manuel Permouth, a long-time associate who operated on behalf of CIA and right wing dictator Ephraim Rios Montt.

      Ventura had brought me in as a consultant in the Noriega case. I talked to Frank Rubino and his partner. Then I found out that CIA agent Frank Snepp was sitting there.

      Snepp had also been hired as a consultant on the case. Snepp had been talking to Deputy Attorney General George Terwilliger, who in turn would talk to Attorney General Dick Thornburgh about the Noriega case.

      I asked him, "Frank, isn"t this a problem to talk to Thornburgh?"

      That's why I decided not to offer my services. In other words, Snepp was compromising Noriega's defense and Rubino knew it.

      I was there when Noriega called into Rubino's office and his secretary would answer the call. "Si, mi general," she would say. What Noriega didn't know was that all conversations with his attorney were being recorded, then the tapes were given to Frank Snepp who was turning them over to the Department of Justice.

      They wanted me to draw a map of all the CIA drug routes for the Noriega case. The reason I didn't deliver it was that Rubino wouldn't guarantee its confidentiality. In other words, Snepp would pass it on to the Department of Justice and Rubino couldn't guarantee me confidentiality through a subpoena.

      Noriega is still in prison.

New Update Posted February 21,2021

      After this article was put to bed, the following new facts have come to our attention.

      The latest problem for the Pentagon is that the air strikes in Iraq were a complete failure.

      Despite the usual pronouncements by the Pentagon, the targets were not destroyed. And the systems that the Iraqis have in their possession were not supposed to be sold to them. In fact, now the Iraqis evidently have more sophisticated technology than the US.

      Hard to believe? Not if you understand that Iraq, through foreign intermediaries, has been buying top of the line components from the Redstone Arsenal.

      Most of the systems are so sophisticated and so new that they are not even in the US inventory yet. Most likely they will never be put in the US inventory because they actually work.

      We don't put weapons in the US inventory that actually work.We never have. Therefore if the Iraqis have been able to buy components from Russian and Chinese agents, who have in turn been the principal buyers of this technology, it is entirely possible that Iraq possesses weapons systems that are more advanced than anything in the US inventory.

      In a campaign like this, particularly in an air strike, they always say they've hit all the targets and everyone knows they're lying. The government's contention is that it was to force Saddam's hand. A bad cover story at best.

      Most recently China has admitted to providing illicit technical aid to Iraq, installing sophisticated fiber optic transmission cables for missile controls, known as free electron cables. They're used to link command centers and the firing batteries, so if an individual command building is bombed, there is an auxiliary command that can still function to fire the missiles. The Chinese initially got the technology from the United States.

      And why do other countries buy these weapons systems? They're actually not only the best -- but they actually work.

      The only weapons systems that get sold to the Department of Defense are things that don't work.

      Why is it that nobody else will buy them?

      After all the US was the only country that bought the Apache Helicopter system and the V22 Osprey system. No other country would buy them because they didn't work. The Apache Helicopters have been grounded all over the world.

      The problem for the government now is that these weapons systems were not supposed to have been sold.

New Update Posted February 22, 2021

      If you've been reading this column regularly, you would have found out the truth here first at the Al Martin Raw website.

      Today a Pentagon spokesman has admitted that "fewer than half the targets in the bombing were destroyed."

      In other words, the Pentagon has formally admitted that less than half the targets were actually hit in the recent bombing of Iraq. Their previous claim was that all the targets were destroyed.

      The Department of Defense has thus reduced its Lie Quotient to just 50%, a Lie Quotient considered extremely low by DoD standards.

      If you want to know the truth, however, please keep reading the Al Martin Raw website. You might even want to bookmark this site for future reference and send your friends and neighbors a note. Then you can be assured that you will be receiving Real News with a Truth Quotient approximating 100%.

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