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by Al Martin

The End of the Bush Cabal? More Consolidation of Money and Power

(August 14) Donald Rumsfeld has announced that he wants to suppress the special report on Saudi Arabia initiated and paid for by the Department of Defense. It has always been a guideline of Republican Administrations, starting with Richard Nixon, to suppress the truth about Saudi Arabia. This new study actually states that Saudi Arabia is the "kernel of evil," that the Saudi government has supported terrorism at all levels since the 1970s, and that the United States has been aware of this but because of a mutually beneficial relationship has refused to do anything about it. This new study states that Saudi Arabia funds most of the terrorist groups in the Middle East and as the Middle East's major oil producer, it has a vested interest in maintaining perpetual tension in the Middle East.

      Rumsfeld pointed out that if suddenly there were peace (if American peace initiatives were successful) it would knock $10 off the price of a barrel of oil.

      You would take out the "uncertainty premium" out of a barrel of oil and Saudi Arabia certainly doesn't want that, considering that the Saudi Royal family has misspent or misappropriated a great deal of Saudi oil revenues over the years. That's why Saudi Arabia currently finds itself in a deficit position - because the Saudi government has so corrupted governmental processes regarding oil revenues.

      In fact, Republican administrations have a collateral interest in seeing that the price of oil remains high because so much of Republican money comes from domestic oil companies because they need a price of $20 per barrel of crude or better to make a profit. They don't want to see the price of crude sink to $17 a barrel because it would choke off Republican money.

      I was actually surprised about Rumsfeld's admission of the truth, when he pointed to the report and said that the Saudi regime has taken advantage of the American taxpayers. We have militarily supported Saudi Arabia. We have extended our defense shield to Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Saudi Arabia continues to finance terrorism. Rumsfeld's statement in effect makes it open season on the Saudis.

      The study points out the entire concept of the 1973 Nixon-Kissinger accord with the Saudis, which encouraged them and other Middle East oil producers including Iraq to sextuple the price of a barrel of oil under the idea of petro-dollar recycling. That was the concept that Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia would recycle their petro-dollars by purchasing high technology weapons systems through US defense contractors in order to become first world nations in terms of their military capability.

      They were also ever mindful that defense contractors' profits are the most lucrative source of revenue for the Republican Party, oil and gas being the second most lucrative source.

      Therefore the Nixon-Kissinger policy had a two fold agenda - to jack up the price of oil and to recycle those petro-dollars into enormous defense spending, purchase orders coming from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq to US defense contractors, which in turn would enrich the Republican Party.

      Does this mean that Rumsfeld is publicly abandoning this policy? I think it does because Rumsfeld was actually critical of the policy. If the current US policy toward Saudi Arabia, that is, to protect and coddle and lie for Saudi Arabia, is no longer continued, then what is likely to happen is that US peace initiatives may actually have a chance in the region. If that happens, we may be able to finally instill some stability in the region, in which case the price of oil is going to fall.

      On a global level, this policy would increase political volatility and military instability within the Middle East region (that is what the Nixon- Kissinger policy called for) as well as the purposeful increase of tensions in the region in order to enrich the Republican Party in the United States.

      His speech indicates that Rumsfeld is actually splitting from the Bush Cabal. Perhaps Rumsfeld finally understands that the days of the all- powerful Bush Cabal are coming to an end - and that, in fact, he is hedging his political bets. Both Rumsfeld and Colin Powell act as if they want to remain on the outside of it, shall we say.

      We are seeing this again and again, and we see this counterweight growing. I believe that there is an increasing feeling in Washington that the days of the Nixon-Kissinger-Schlesinger-Bush Cabal is coming to an end.

      It would, of course be more encouraging if there were rumblings in the top levels of the military that an invasion of Iraq is a bad idea. Our Department of Defense isn't saying that yet, but all of our allies, like Great Britain, Germany, France, and Netherlands immediately expressed their opposition, when the Bush Regime insisted that our allies were with us on this issue. Even Tony Blair stated that it's time for the Bush Administration to stop lying -- for the sake of domestic American political consumption.

      The lying of the Bush Administration has become transparent to everyone around the world. It is only in the United States that we, the people of the United States, the great naïve flag-waving sado-masochists that haven't caught on yet. Despite the fact that the value of our IRA and 401(k) accounts has diminished by 50%.

      All of the rest of the world has figured out what George Bush is doing, but for some reason we in the United States don't seem to be able to figure it out.

      Our response to hard times and difficult situations (unlike the rest of the world) is to take more Prozac. The rest of the world faces reality, but the American concept of facing reality is to take more Prozac.

      For Rumsfeld to announce that he wanted to suppress a study that the DoD itself funded - it is astounding that he said something like that.

      For Treasury Secretary O'Neill to have said that Uruguay was close to economic collapse (he said this after he had gotten a White House spanking for saying Argentina was close to collapse) - it's surprising they haven't gotten rid of him. He's becoming a problem because he keeps telling the people the truth.

      It's interesting that they haven't gotten ridden of O'Neill. What it tells you is that the administration is becoming increasingly nervous about too many people within the various agencies of the administration telling the truth. It used to be under the Bush Cabal that anybody telling the truth would be immediately gotten rid of, but that's not happening now. The Bush Administration is afraid that if they do start getting rid of people who tell the truth, there will be too many questions raised. They're gradually losing control over Pro-Gov-Net Media (Pro Government Network Media) and they understand that this will be the last term of a Bush Administration.

      Why do you think they're trying to accelerate their tax cut policies for the rich? The tax cuts for the rich which were not supposed to go into effect until 2004 - George Bush said we're going to try to bring those forward in order to "provide some economic stimulus." That's a lie because tax cuts for the rich provide almost no economic stimulus - and he knows it.

      I think that the Bush Administration believes not only that it will be one term, but also that the Bush Cabal is coming to an end. Therefore they are simply trying to accomplish their agenda. They have made the top 1% control two-thirds of the nation's private wealth and their second goal is to turn the United States into a defacto tax-free nation for the Republican Rich. And I think that's where they're going.

      The War on Terrorism is just a constant diversion, and that's the way we're fighting it. All of General Tommy Franks' (he's the commander of allied forces in Afghanistan) requests for troops in Afghanistan are denied. The War on Terrorism has become the raw naked beast it was always intended to be - a diversion.

      The Bush Cabal has given up and all they're doing is trying to put in place as much of their agenda as possible.

      They are appropriating money with reckless abandon and complete disregard for the economy - as if they don't care any more. Even the Washington Post has noticed, having published an article called "Spend spend spend."

      Then, when everything falls apart in the United States, that money from Republican offshore accounts will be repatriated and the Bush Cabal will simply buy up all American publicly traded businesses and industries for ten cents on the dollar. We see this massive conversion of Republican scamscateer money into gold, in anticipation of further declines in the dollar.

      People should understand that despite the fact that the Bush Cabal will be a one-term regime, nevertheless, they are going to win. Why? Because they control all of the money.

      They are purposely throwing the monkey wrench into the economy to sabotage everything, so they can buy everything at ten cents on the dollar. Then they short the market to create the capital they're going to use to buy everything up at ten cents on the dollar. The reason they can be so certain in their trading policies of generating fresh cash is because it is the administration itself, which is wreaking the economic havoc.

      It is all a very neat circle, and therefore we reiterate - there is only one thing you can do for now. Continue to short market rallies. Convert your profits into gold and into offshore accounts and remember that the ultimate Bush Cabal Survival Kit is Spam ™, Prozac ™, and Krugerrands™. And that remains unchanged.

      Meanwhile in Louisiana, Bush was bragging that the Homeland Security Agency has control over a hundred other federal state and local agencies and has become the most powerful agency in the land. He said we shouldn't be frightened of this (and I don't think he meant it to come out the way it did), he said, "The Office of Homeland Security cannot be hampered by a thick book of rules." I think it came out the wrong way.

      Bush also said that now is not the time to worry about civil liberty issues because we have a war to win against terrorism. He said that if we were defeated by terrorism their civil liberties wouldn't mean anything anyway. He talks about the "terrorists," as if they're the Soviet Army of old. His audience, a lot of young JC's and high school student rabid Republicans with flattop haircuts clapped. You know the kind with buttons that say, "I support the electric chair." You can tell where these kids are coming from. He said we've already captured two thousand terrorists, then he said there were two thousand more who weren't so lucky. They clapped for that, and then these blond haired blue-eyed boys got up and started waving their hands yelling, "Kill them, kill them, kill them." After that I think he tried to tone it down a little.

      Bush also said the more authority that we give the Office of Homeland Security the better job they can do in protecting our nation. The closer we move to giving the Office of Homeland Security ABSOLUTE authority the closer to absolute security we will have. That's the first time I've heard anybody in the Bush Administration use the word absolute power and absolute authority.

      When Cheney addressed the California Commonwealth Club, which is essentially a haven of Right Wing Scamscateers, some students tried to heckle him and tried to put up some sign. I haven't seen anything like this. Usually the police will try to escort them out. But the cops came in there in force and tackled these kids and pummeled them. They showed about five seconds then the tape went blank. Cheney said that those who refuse the Bushonian policies on security are the "terrorists' best friend." That's another story they like to weave now.

      Cheney said that when it comes to protesters let this be an example that the government has decided that protesters will be treated with increasing severity, that they will no longer "coddle" protesters no matter how naïve and misguided they may be, that from now on they will take a very tough approach with all who would dare disagree with the State.

      Cheney could bring back that old Kent State Gambit, i.e., "Shoot 'em in the Streets." But that's probably not necessary.

      CSPAN showed a National Association of Police Chiefs spokesman with all these new high technology non-lethal weapons systems. They showed the new high-energy tasers which aren't like the older models that use 50,000 volts; these are the new super 250,000 volters. He said it was enough to take down an elephant. What he said was that it would actually scramble an elephant's brain.

      They showed other weapons like shooting beanbags, which explode into nets, which have weights on the end of them. It's shot at 200 feet per second and when it hits you it opens up into a fiber filament net with lead weights on the end of it. They showed new stun gas to control people. He was talking about the companies making these weapons and he mentioned Oliver North's company Guardian Industries. They're making a fortune because police chiefs are getting directives from the Office of Homeland Security to purchase a lot of new high technology non-lethal weapons. A whole new generation of weapons have been developed which have longer ranges etc, and he said there will be some casualties because as you make these weapons more effective, you come closer to the edge of making them lethal.

      They showed these new Kevlex gray helmets and body armor and they showed police practicing with their new Kevlar matted shields, which have in red analog digitized print, "STATE SECURITY." You see a row of these guys coming at you with these gas guns and projectile guns and high-energy weapons and it's really frightening. The Office of Homeland Security has been telling them that as State control tightens that at some point there will be civil disobedience. And they're preparing for it already.

      Then there's also a commercial that's been playing on TV, which shows a college age kid goes into a library. There's an old librarian up front, and the kid's got these book request slips in his hand, and he says to the librarian, "I can't find these books anywhere." She types them into the computer and says, "Those books are no longer available, citizen. May I see your national identification card."

      The kid doesn't understand and he walks out of the library. She watches him and pushes a button underneath her desk and just as he's going out the door, these two guys in government issue blue JC Penney suits with Rayban sunglasses take him by each arm, and they tell him, "Citizen, we want to talk to you." The caption at the end says, "Freedom. Defend it. Cherish it. Fight for it." The American Arts Council sponsors the commercials. It's a good sign that they haven't banned the commercials yet, but I imagine they're working on it.

      After Bush's speech they said the Office of Cyberspace Security would be given the power to ban commercials, which express any anti-State or civil libertarian attitudes.

      You can tell that somebody at the White House has been reading this column because when he signed the trade act, they were showing close-up shots of George Bush and you can tell that there's extra make-up under his cheekbones. The light hits underneath his cheekbones and you can tell that there's an extra layer of make-up to cover-up the facial discolorations. As we mentioned previously, when George Bush lies, you can see red splotches appear on his face. (See "Think Like a Bush: Lie Coordination Bureau Needed")

      Another inside source has told us that they're also giving salt tablets to Bush before he does interviews so he won't sweat as much. After all it just doesn't look right when he's up there sweating with all those splotchy red marks on his face. Of course, cosmetic treatment won't help the lying, but it will prevent the telltale signs.

      As we've noted before, Jeb Bush sweats at his hairline when he lies publicly. Now when Jeb Bush speaks on camera, they put a white rouge base under his hairline.

      But they're just treating the symptoms (not the disease) of lying.

      The IMF under US pressure has agreed to lend Brazil another $30 billion to keep it afloat. They're going to refinance our emergency loan to Argentina and give them an extra $5 billion. The entire amount of defaulted debt in Central and South America, the IMF announced, now exceeds a trillion dollars. Yet the IMF and the World Bank and individual countries like the US, Germany and Japan have to continually lend these nations money although they already have a cumulative trillion dollars of defaulted debt. They're not even pretending to roll over the debt. Even the pretense is gone.

      We are in the midst of an enormous worldwide debt deflation as we have stated before. That's why we are not seeing inflation in the United States. The reason we don't see it here is because it's done against a backdrop of a worldwide debt deflation.

      There has been a shift in Bushonian policy to stop placing restrictions on IMF loans and to approach IMF and World Bank lending and direct lending by the US and other nations simply as direct band aid measures to keep these countries afloat as long as possible prior to a worldwide economic collapse.

      What we should do is just act to stabilize and gradualize the worldwide economic decline and as much as possible to push out this collapse into the future by band-aid solutions. Even the crustiest Republicans understand this now because the world is essentially sinking in a quagmire of debt.

      This whole planet -- every nation, every treasury, all business and industry, all capital marketplaces -- is drowning in a sea of defaulted debt.

      On a more humorous note, WorldCom announced that they found another $3.3 billion missing -- after the previous $3.8 billion that was missing. And I love the explanation of the former accountant. He was asked, "Where did you find the $3.3 billion missing?" And the guy said, "Well, we looked at our reserve accounts." And that's all he said. They had to practically drag it out of him. "Well, what did you find out when you looked at the reserve accounts?" he was then asked. "Oh, the reserves were all gone," he answered. "Well, where did they go?" he was asked again. And the guy answers, "We don't know. They seem to have disappeared (into a series of offshore accounts.)" Cue up the laugh track.

POSTSCRIPT: The remnants of Global Crossing have been bought out for three cents on the dollar by the shadowy Chinese investment group Hutchison Whampoa, which is majority owned by the Pilgrim Investment Trust, which in turn is controlled by the Bush Family. In the past, Hutchison Whampoa also got the Panama Canal deal.

      It was also announced that since US Air collapsed, Hutchison Whampoa will buy them out as well -- for three or four cents on the dollar.

      This completes the Republican cycle and illustrates what George Bush meant by "the continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands."

      You short the market during a Bushonian Administration, knowing that Bushonian economics will cause the markets to fall. You take the profits from those shorts, which is essentially nothing but a transfer of wealth from the American people to you. You stick it in your offshore accounts, hedge it with gold to protect yourself (because obviously the value of the dollar falls during a Bush Administration) then you convert those dollars back out when they're cheap and the price of gold is high and use them to buy corporations that your own economic policies caused to fail, for three or four cents on the dollar, thus completing the entire Republican cycle of control.

      It is diabolical and it is brilliant. It is the constant transfer of wealth from the American people to the Bush Cabal because it is the American people who are, by and large, long the market through their 401(k)'s, IRA's and personal trading accounts. It is traditionally Bush Cabalists and other Republican Scamscateers who are short the market.

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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