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Think Like a Bush: Lie Coordination Bureau Needed

(August 5) As of July 31, the markets have been down for four consecutive months - the first time that's happened in twenty years. The release of this week's economic statistics, particularly the Gross Domestic Product numbers, indicate that the economy was weaker last year and that economic growth in the first half of this year was also weaker than first believed. This points out a growing problem: the increasing unreliability of government economic statistics. These numbers would always be revised from the month before, but now we're seeing revisions of economic data released 18 months ago. The question then is -- why can't the government get it right in the compilation of statistics? Of course, the reason why is the because of the way the Reagan-Bush Regime rejiggered all the economic statistics.

      You'd think it would be a simple matter of gathering statistical data. The problem is that until the Reagan-Bush Regime, government monthly statistics (eleven primary statistics, including everything from unemployment to housing to manufacturing to industrial capacity) would almost never be revised.

      Then in 1983, as Reagan-Bush economic shenanigans began to weigh on the economy and federal deficits began to grow substantially, the Reagan-Bush people decided that all federal agencies involved in statistical compilation and the release of the monthly economic statistics would have to rejigger these statistics, under the guise of "bringing them up to date" and to "reflect a modern economy."

      The way these statistics were compiled hadn't been changed in decades. It sounds nice, but what they did in effect is they added more and more complicated sub-categories to existing statistics.

      Now you find that, for instance, the monthly labor reports have as many as twelve subsets of statistics in them, which makes it difficult to extrapolate information and put it in all these statistics, some of which were made purposely contradictory.

      It has nothing to do with improving these statistics. It was done to politicize the economic statistics. In other words, no matter how bad the situation was, there would be one or more subsets of statistics they could point to and say this number here points to a bright future -- when the overall number might be disastrous.

      Jimmy Rogers, the famous history professor and market trader, has consistently pointed this out over the years - the politicization of economic statistics.

      Now polls of investors show that this is becoming a major concern because nobody can trust the monthly numbers, and these are the numbers that people base their investment decisions on.

      If the numbers are useless, then people, in essence, become paralyzed by inertia. The government likes to say that there's more economic information available to the American people than ever before.

      While it's true that there's more volume of information available, if that information isn't considered to be reliable, then what good is it?

      People are beginning to complain - how these numbers can be revised as much as eighteen months in arrears.

      The only thing the current Bush Administration does is what his father did in 1991-92, when there were calls by brokerage firms to reform these statistics. The Bush I Administration simply dragged its feet, and the Bush II administration does the same thing. They'll form a blue ribbon commission to study the issue and nothing ever gets changed.

      Unreliable government statistics point out the larger problem of Bushonian Government -- when you try to run government on the Big Lie Principle, you not only have to have offices in every government agency that generates the lies, you also have to have an oversight pan-government agency function (and this is what's most difficult) to coordinate the lies.

      Considering the resources that the Bush Administration spends on lie generation and coordination as divided among all the different agencies and bureaus, it would be much cheaper to have one central bureau - a whole new government agency as large as the FBI. We could call it the LCB -- the Lie Coordination Bureau. That would be the sole function of this bureau and it would be cheaper for the Americans taxpayers to do it this way. And the lies would work better.

      It should be remembered that during the Second World War in the civilian administration of the Third Reich, it was the Ministry of Propaganda that not only generated the lies for all the other civilian agencies of the Third Reich but also was in charge of coordinating those lies. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of it as the Reich minister. He did such a superb job in the generation and coordination of lies that it made the German civilian government, as many history texts will point out, one of the most efficient governments ever formed. Part of it came from what Goebbels said -- that a government, which operates on the principle of the Big Lie, can become very efficient. You only need very efficient people in charge of generating and coordinating the Big Lie.

      And that is the problem that the Bushes have always had. They don't have good Lie Coordination Capability (LCC). You see that even in such things as these economic statistics.

      The LCB or Lie Coordination Bureau should not however be confused with the Office of Information Awareness at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.

      According to their so-called mission statement, "The DARPA Information Awareness Office (IAO) will imagine, develop, apply, integrate, demonstrate and transition information technologies, components and prototype, closed-loop, information systems that will counter asymmetric threats by achieving total information awareness useful for preemption…"

      Maybe the Bush Administration is already aware of the need for Lie Coordination. Watch out when Bushes talk about "transitioning" information. This is simply Bush Speak for stringing a bunch of small lies together to come up with one new Big Lie.

      Ironically Vice Admiral John Poindexter, the former Iran-Contra figure, is in charge of the IAO. Poindexter was the head of the National Security Council (NSC) and Oliver North's superior, who essentially took the fall to cover George Bush Sr. And now he's been elevated to this new position where his chief function is to string together small lies to come up with a new Big Lie.

      Remember -- only in Hollywood and Washington can people fail upward.

      The so-called vision statement of the IAO reads, "The most serious asymmetric threat facing the United States is terrorism, a threat characterized by collections of people loosely organized in shadowy networks that are difficult to identify and define." They could be describing the Bush Cabal itself. Isn't this an apt description?

      But the logo of the IAO will really get the New World Order crowd in an uproar. The logo has a globe of the world in the foreground with a pyramid in the background and the pyramid has an all seeing eye shining onto the earth. Their motto is "Scientia est potentia," or "Knowledge is Power." (DARPA's Information Awareness Office)

      And speaking of lies, on July 30, George Bush signed the much-anticipated corporate anti-fraud bill and, of course, the market immediately sold off afterwards. It's full of loopholes, which even the Democrats don't want to lose. I've never seen Bush make a speech like this, and you could tell he was lying. He was sweating. Just as I've said before, when Jeb Bush lies, he starts sweating and he gets that little red line between his forehead and his hairline.

      When George Bush Jr. lies, he sweats too, but he gets those blotchy red marks just under the high points of his cheekbones. That's how you can tell he's lying.

      All of the Bushes have certain facial peculiarities, wherein one can tell they are lying. He said that from now on, those who commit securities frauds and shred documents are going to jail. After that he took out his handkerchief and wiped his forehead.

      And then off camera they caught him. He walked away from the podium, and he wouldn't take any questions, which was surprising because there were supposed to be open questions. They had Paul O'Neill and John Ashcroft there, and Sarbanes and a couple of the Democrats who helped him. All these guys were supposed to say something after the president and they had their little microphones on. But when he walked past all them, I don't think he realized they had mics on. And the last thing he said in his speech was that those who commit securities fraud and shred documents to cover it up are going to go to jail. Then he wiped his brow, and when he walked past Sarbanes, he rolled his eyes, and when he turned his head, you could hear him say, "I can't believe I just said that."

      He's rubbing the palms of his hands in his handkerchief. I think he was actually frightened by what he was saying.

      By the way, the so-called False Anthrax Scare in Washington will cost the American taxpayers $132 million. This includes the buildings that had to be cleaned up, the work hours lost and government medications that were given out. In the Bush Administration, that's a bargain. It was a Bush-favored company that sold them the faulty anthrax testing equipment (See previous column "Bush Cabal Strategy. . ."). And it will be a Bush-favored company that will get the contract to clean up the mess from the false anthrax kits.

      At one time, there were about 7,000 federal employees out of work because of this Anthrax Scare that has now been traced to faulty anthrax-testing kits. Of course, then they said we're cleaning it all up and look how good our emergency response teams are. Now they're finding out that they have to reclean the buildings because the people who did it originally didn't do it properly. It's a little thing really, but it so typifies the Bush Administration to take credit for something and then we find out six months later that their statements were a lie and it will cost the Americans another hundred million dollars to fix it.

      But six months ago, they got the political brownie points. For some reason, in the American psyche, they never lose those brownie points, even when its discovered later on that the whole thing was a lie and it didn't get done right and it cost five times what the Bush Administration said it did.

      The reason brownie points never get reversed is that the American people expect government to screw things up. Therefore when there is a revelation that people were lied to, it's just a Big Yawn because people's expectations are fulfilled. Then when the Bush Administration announces that something went right, they get a surge of political brownie points because the people never expect anything to be done right.

      One of the things we're not hearing about is how the individual state treasuries all the way to the county level are suffering under this Bushonian Economic Meltdown. I have yet to hear anywhere on ProGovNet Media (Pro-Government Network Media, i.e. Mainstream Media) that 17 of the 52 states have declared an economic state of emergency. This is all directly traceable to the Bush Regime because of the Economic Meltdown and higher unemployment benefits, which are costing the states a fortune.

      State treasuries are much more sensitive than the Federal Treasury to unemployment and the loss of tax revenue because the state treasuries do not have a wide structure of federal fees, which come in on a regular basis.

      Another problem is that the states are so addicted to federal grants and federal matching money that state governments never really act to become efficient. It's a never ending cycle of waste and inefficiency, and nobody has any vested interest to become efficient, to broaden the tax base or to increase industry. The states always take a negative point of view of what's going to happen during the next slowdown. They never think of trying to capitalize on the next upturn.

      It's the same mindset that individuals on welfare have. The states have the same addiction in relying on federal funding. Every time there's a downturn in the economy, the states cry for more federal money. In turn the counties cry for more state money. And in turn the municipalities cry for more county money.

      The problem is that the "Trickle Down Theory" doesn't work. You have a whole chain, which starts with the federal government and everything has to trickle down. The problem is that during economic slowdowns the federal government decreases the amount of aid it gives to the states in all different forms. (You look at states like Utah, California and Minnesota and you see horrendous budget deficits.) The federal flow gets cut back and this has a magnifying effect to the state treasury because the state treasury is so dependent on that money.

      By the way, this dependency cycle on federal money deepened the problem of the Depression enormously. Federal money might be only 10% of the state treasury income, but it's what's called the Golden 10%. If you take it away, it creams the budget for about 30% because the states don't have as many alternative sources of revenue as does the federal government. But it's really unemployment benefits that eat up a state's treasury in a big hurry.

      Recently I was reminded of a statement made by my attorney, Marc David Sarnoff, Esq., who represented numerous Iran-Contra notables including Eugene Hasenfus. As an attorney intimately involved in the post Iran Contra cover-up environment, he said that the chapter in "The Conspirators" is "the most accurate description of Iran Contra he's ever seen in print." He said I could quote him on it, and I just remembered this because I'm actually starting to organize the writing of another book to be called "One Nation Under Fraud."

      It wasn't my original intent, but the subtext of the book will be a history of Bushonian fraud. These would be the thirty top frauds (out of the hundreds and hundreds of frauds), which I find most interesting and most egregious -- the thirty top frauds committed by the Bushes -- Prescott Sr., Prescott Jr., J. Walter (Prescott's son), George Sr., George Sr.'s sons - George Jr., Jeb, and Neil and the whole crowd. These will run the gamut from the Destin Country Club Development Fraud, to Silverado, to the Lone Star Trucking Fraud.

      Over the last twelve years or so, I have catalogued Bushonian Frauds and the number stands at 536 frauds committed in the last sixty years. However I will use only the top thirty frauds, which include bank firms, security firms, insurance firms, and gas and oil firms. After you are through reading this new book, "One Nation Under Fraud" detailing Bushonian Fraud, you will understand why every member of the Bush Family has a long standing affinity to Jack Daniels and Prozac.

      You will also understand why a 78-year old man (George Bush Sr.) jumps out of airplanes -- and every time he lands safely on the ground, he has a momentary look of disappointment on his face.

      Larry Kudlow, the notorious Reagan-Bush apologist on CNBC, may have finally gone over the edge. In a column published on July 28th, he wrote that war in Iraq is necessary to save the stock market.

      In the article entitled, "Taking Back the Market - By Force," Kudlow wrote, "The shock therapy of decisive war will elevate the stock market by a couple thousand points. We will know that our businesses will stay open; that our families will be safe and that our future will be unlimited. The world will be righted in this life-and-death struggle to preserve our values and our civilization."

      He's trying to hang the whole thing on some tinhorn dictator that no one cares about anymore. If that ain't banging the drum for the Bush Administration?

      Imagine - saying that we need Iraq as the final diversion from our economic ills, and then if we defeat Iraq, we'll all beat our chests and buy a hundred shares of IBM.

      Kudlow is the arch-Bushonian apologist, but this is beyond the pale. They ought to put up Larry Kudlow as the poster boy for Operation Drumbeat. Larry Kudlow is the Republican Psy-ops' Best Friend.

      As of Friday August 2, the economic situation of the nation is so deleterious and declining at such a pace that even I nearly threw in the towel and rang up my doctor to get a prescription for Prozac. It should be noted that when I went to the store at the pharmacy, there were six people all lined up for Prozac.

      In my case, it was a cumulative effect. The corporate bond market is in a state of panic because there has been a massive liquidation. Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have all warned the IMF that their economies are perilously close to a state of collapse. If that happens of course that will unleash onto the market billions in so-called US Treasury Brady Bonds that have been previously used by the US Government to collateralize loans to these countries.

      If billions of fresh treasury instruments suddenly come onto the marketplace at a time when the market is already loaded with treasury securities (and it is frankly starting to be a little less liquid particularly in the longer end of the maturities spectrum), who knows what the impact will be?

      The US Treasury also announced that the Bank of America would make an emergency $5 billion loan to the Government of Uruguay -- guaranteed by the US Government. This will be the first time that the United States Government has put the arm on an American bank to lend that nation money directly, based on a US Treasury guarantee, instead of the normal procedure of having the IMF loan money or a having a direct loan by the US Treasury. This is very sinister, since the Undersecretary of the Treasury said we don't have the money.

      The Treasury Undersecretary also stated that if the United States could not work with the bondholders in terms of letting these bonds come on the market gradually, the United States, for the first time since 1793, might have to seek to borrow money from European banks.

      The debacle of state issued bonds is also growing. These bonds keep falling day after day because people are so frightened about the multiple billions that state pension systems have lost in the marketplaces. The State of California declared a force majeure on paying state employees salaries. That hasn't happened since Ronald Reagan was governor and destroyed the state's economy the first time.

      The commentary from Carr and Company, commodity brokers in Chicago, said what I have been saying - that one of the problems is the enormous amount of money the nations; banks are going to have to write off due to these huge corporate failures and how much more of it is to come -- at a time the banks are writing off massive amounts of consumer debt.

      There are also new accusations about the statistics regarding the revisions of Gross Domestic Product, going back eighteen months, which show that economic growth through 2001 was substantially weaker than first thought and that growth in the first half of 2002 was only half of what was first thought.

      New accusations are coming out that the Bush Administration purposely withheld this data -which, of course, wouldn't be the first time Bush Administrations withheld economic data.

      It's just one big mess. Like I said, even I almost threw in the towel this morning and called my doctor to get a prescription for Prozac.

      The Wall Street Journal reported that Prozac use has jumped by one third since the "election" of George Bush.

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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