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FBI Angst & the Redstone Arsenal Fraud Saga

      Alas! The record manpower buildup at the Birmingham, Alabama FBI field office has been short-lived. (See preceding column "Fraud as Usual at Redstone Arsenal")

      The FBI angst level about the previous revelations in this column regarding fraud at the Redstone Arsenal have since declined as FBI agents are being moved to Florida.

      We've also been informed that FBI agents have formed Al Martin Raw Fan Clubs. We have word from numerous field offices that the FBI has become very concerned about field agents who are clicking on to the Al Martin Raw website to find out the truth about their own bureau.

      In fact, a confidential memorandum has evidently been dispatched from Washington to all field offices, forbidding agents to click on to the Al Martin Raw website unless it's for official business. It should also be noted that an agent in an FBI field office has stated that the Al Martin Raw website is the only way that agents who are out in the boonies can find out what their own bureau is up to.

      There has also been an increasing number of younger FBI agents who have said that reading "The Conspirators" has opened their eyes to the bureau's past involvement in illegal covert operation of state. They applaud this book because it is "the only source of truth they have had about their bureau" versus the propaganda they get jammed down their throats at their training sessions at Quantico. The word among younger agents to read the book is spreading.

      "It really opened my eyes," says one agent. After the training at Quantico, he continued, they get fed a line of propaganda, to wit, that the FBI works for the people and is there to enforce the law. And the FBI never gets involved in any illegal covert operations of government. And they always tell the truth. And they never shred documents.

      Since the FBI had surreptitiously set up multiple surveillance cameras during the Super Bowl, there had been a substantial number of matches, including many people wanted for questioning, regarding allegations of espionage, terrorist activities, as well as a large assortment of escaped felons, parole and probation violators, etc.

      Some high-level prominent politicians were also caught on camera, including Jeb Bush with an unknown attractive woman -- not his wife. In this latest scandal, the FBI has a problem because they're afraid that one of the women has threatened to file a lawsuit to obtain copies of the tape. The girlfriend is evidently asking for some hush money, after becoming aware that she and Jeb were photographed by the FBI. As you can imagine, the FBI is in a quandary.

      Also it has been learned that the Tampa field office of the FBI has extra help from the Jacksonville office and they've been moving these people around like it's nobody's business.

      The FBI has, of course, denied publicly that there were any matches made with anyone who had any criminal history.

      The remaining agents in the Birmingham, Alabama office are desperately trying to keep the FBI out of the limelight regarding recent revelations about illegal weapons sales at the Redstone Arsenal. They have instituted a new operation aimed at identifying those in the Redstone Arsenal and its accompanying military complex who are known to have been involved in arms trafficking and those who are known to be double, triple and quadruple dippers.

      So, in a desperate effort to take the limelight off themselves, the FBI is said to be ready to raid Redstone Arsenal employment records. However, they don't seem to be too concerned about the actual fraud and continuing illegal high tech weapons auctions to agents of foreign governments..

      By the way, double and triple dippers include retired military officers, who, while drawing a check from the Department of Defense, may also be drawing one or two or more checks from other federal agencies as well -- checks to which they are not entitled.

      Apropos this story, the Friendly Colonel says that a retired female federal civil service employee he met at the supermarket in Huntsville was very indignant that her husband's checks had stopped coming . She was complaining that her husband's two federal checks, one of which she wasn't entitled to, had recently been stopped -- despite the fact that her husband had been dead for four years.

      Even though he was dead, the husband had evidently been promoted, thereby increasing the woman's pension check. Then, when he was demoted -- while he was still deceased -- the widow got upset.

      In other words, he was promoted after death and then demoted after death. Plus she was getting two checks from Uncle, one of which she wasn't entitled to.

      You have to understand. She's not getting the widows mite. She's getting the guy's actual check -- as if he were alive. She went to the base commander at Huntsville and complained about it. Her checks were then restored. The Brigadier General told her in essence that the dead husband was a loyal federal employee who kept his mouth shut his whole career about illegal things he saw the government doing. Therefore, you are entitled, she was told. "Just because your husband is dead is no reason why you shouldn't be getting your checks."

      Federal employees who work for sensitive agencies, like the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the FBI and so forth, tend to accumulate a lot of information throughout their careers, information that passes across their desks and information regarding illegal activities of government.

      Instead of turning that information in to somebody, they simply save it. This has always been the routine. As a reward for not revealing that information to any prospective congressional committee or any outside investigating committee, they in turn expect to receive a very generous pension. Or even two.

      Oftentimes, if they know enough sensitive material, they are given extra rewards by being given a pension from GSA or GAO, a pension to which they are not even entitled. Or they might be given an early social security disability check.This is another way to take care of people and it was commonly used in the post Iran-Contra environment. These people know they've kept their mouth shut all their lives and they expect to be rewarded in the end with spurious pensions.

      This is common knowledge among retired FBI guys. When some of them had not been given extras when they retired, they would sell the information they had. These were the guys who were considered less reliable or they were simply on the outside and not part of the inside loop.

      They figure they've kept their mouths shut over the years, so they're "entitled." It doesn't make any difference -- even if the person has been dead for four years.

      The current level of morale at the FBI is believed to be extremely low. Not only is the morale low, but they're completely disorganized. The Friendly Colonel adds that everybody is suspicious of the FBI and their cases fall apart in no time at all. He reminds everyone of the Waco Debacle -- that everybody but the FBI was calling the shots.

      However, there is hope for the future. When younger FBI agents, who are not aware of the bureau's checkered past, read "The Conspirators," they will learn to be wary and watch out for internal skullduggery and the odd midnight shredding party. Otherwise they too might become a target.

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