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Fraud-As-Usual at the Redstone Arsenal

      Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama -- where illegal foreign arms merchants enjoy sumptuous lobster and prime rib lunches at US taxpayers' expense.

      The Huntsville, Alabama complex is one of the four United States National Arsenals. It's also the headquarters of the United States Central Missile Production Command, where most of the United States missile systems are produced and tested.

      During the last year, there have been reports in the media about two congressional investigations, one by the US Senate Defense Oversight Committee and the other by its companion committee in the House, regarding illegal sales of extremely sophisticated US military technology and weapons systems to embargoed foreign countries.

      When a country is embargoed by the US Defense Department, US defense contractors can not sell them weapons because these countries constitute a potential threat to the United States, or they constitute a potential threat to destabilizing US influence within a certain region of the world.

      The principal weapons, illegally sold through the Redstone Arsenal, have been components of highly advanced missile technology. Through a circuitous shipment route, then, the end user or recipient has been the Peoples' Republic of China.

      These shipments have been disguised under the Freedom Space Station Program, as well as through the cooperation between the thirty-six nations which are contributing to this program.

      In fact, Congress passed a specific law, a little-known waiver for the Freedom Space Station Program, wherein the United States could ship certain embargoed technology (dual use) to other countries which were participating in the building of the space station.

      It is this loophole that is being used to ship weapons components which have nothing to do with the program.

      China is a partner in this deal. Over the past year (2000), this fraud has expanded into selling many other types of restricted high technology US weapons systems. This is often accomplished through the weekly meetings at the Redstone Arsenal by certain individuals known as "The Group."

      This Group consists mostly of foreign arms dealers, principally German, Russian, and Chinese brokers. These brokers are almost exclusively foreign military officers or retired foreign military officers. Often they even show up in uniform.

      Their US counterparts are mostly retired US Air Force senior officers, who have formed arms companies themselves, or they act as paid agents or distributors for US defense contractors.

      That in itself is not against the law, as long as they do not sell this technology to any embargoed country. There is, however, already an artifice in place to break that embargo.

      The foreign arms merchants oftentimes either own their arms companies or they work for foreign defense contractors. Most of the Germans there, for example, come under the auspices of the Siemens Group.

      In other words, the Siemens Group is being used as a front to broker weapons with the Russians to the Chinese.

      How they're doing it, by the way, is by disguising these transactions. They have weekly auctions. However, what the auction sheet lists as the items being sold are in fact not what the items are.

      Even my inside source, the Friendly Colonel, tried bidding on a lot. It was described as "Miscellaneous Department of Defense Used Office Furniture and Equipment." That lot was number 103 on the August 19, 2020 auction. It sold for $354,000.

      The man sitting at the table next to him was the infamous Chinese arms dealer, Lan "Lanny" Chin. It should also be mentioned that he is a colonel in the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

      The lot in question, actually contained a number of landmines. These landmines happen to be the most sophisticated landmines in US military inventory.

      These landmines are all made of non-metallic components. They have automatic proximity alarms and differential frequency alarms. They also automatically send out their own radar signal. These are the most sophisticated land mines produced in the world today. They're so state-of-the-art that the United States itself hasn't even deployed the system yet.

      And what happened then? This lot of landmines was then shipped from the military airfield in Huntsville, Alabama to the government of Mexico. They were listed as "Crates of Eggs."

      The Mexican Government, actually the Mexican Army, acted as a trans-shipper. From Mexico, they were shipped to Ecuador. From Ecuador, they were shipped to Peru. From Peru, they were shipped to Pakistan. And from Pakistan, they were shipped to China. That was the route taken by these particular "Crates of Eggs.

      What we got then was $354,000 of the Chinese People's Army money for weapons that cost the United States $13.4 million.

      Remember -- these weapons were sold from the manufacturers to the US Department of Defense for $13.4 million dollars. Mr Chin was able to purchase them for about $354,000.

      By the way, Mr. Chin has diplomatic immunity from the Chinese embassy to operate in the United States as a "commercial attache."

      However, there are, or should be, normal security restrictions to his conduct as a known intelligence operative of the People's Republic of China.

      For instance, he is not supposed to travel more than fifty miles outside of Washington without contacting the FBI. Yet Mr. Chin is able to travel with impunity in the United States, without his military credentials, and he's given unfettered access to a highly restricted US military installation.

      By the way, the FBI Counter Intelligence Section (FBI CI-3) is the agency that lets him get away with it, but someone else is obviously telling them to do it.

      Other people who appear at The Group's weekly auctions include Russian arms dealers who are also active duty Russian military officers.

      The Defense Oversight Committee has supposedly been investigating this for the past eighteen months. So has the GAO.

      Interim reports have been released, but now these Republican-dominated committees in anticipation of a George Bush win have suddenly slowed down their investigations.

      What will eventually happen is that there will be some fall guys from the Clinton people within the Department of Defense. Anybody who will be a scapegoat will be a "Clinton person."

      The problem was that the GAO's interim report of September 2000 began to link US defense contractors. They found lots of records and details about which defense contractors were selling which defense systems at which prices. These wound up in the Redstone Arsenal inventory fraud auctions. They in turn were then sold for five to ten cents on the dollar to illegal arms dealers.

      The investigators started to find a lot of Bush connections -- into E-Systems, Honeywell and Loral Corp.

      It should be noted that Loral was one of the principal providers of missile component systems to the US Air Force. It was mostly Loral technology and Loral produced components that got sold to the Chinese. Of course, we know that the Bush family is intimately connected with the Loral Corporation. It's well known that Loral CEO Bernie Schwartz was a big fundraiser for the Clintons, but the deep connection is with the Bush Family.

      The Bush Family Trust is a very substantial shareholder in Loral. The connections between the Bushes and Loral Corp. have existed since the time of the old man's (George Bush Sr.'s) father, Prescott, Sr. It was one of very first stock acquisitions they made, as a matter of fact, and they still own a substantial amount of shares in Loral Corp.

      Rockwell, Lockheed Martin -- the usual cast of characters are all involved. You have to remember that this was extremely high technology that was being sold -- so high tech in fact that some of it is still experimental.

      One of the devices sold to Lannie Chin was an experimental hand-held high-energy discharge weapon, which is powered by a very complex chemically-actuated fusion power cell.

      The device is rectangular, about the size of a telephone pager. The demonstration of the device was in a testing field directly in back of the dining hall, the commissary, where they have lunch.

      There's a big building there that they use for blowing stuff up. A US Air Force colonel was holding onto this device. They had towed in a old beat-up 1975 Chevy station wagon. This car is built like a tank. The colonel points this thing at the car at a distance of 200 meters. He pushes a button and out from this little square box shoots a yellowish-bluish bolt of light. When it strikes the car, it's completely destroyed, blown to pieces. The car exploded like it was an incendiary explosion, like a ball of fire.

      The colonel then told Lannie Chin that the devices were available for $200,000 a piece.

      How does it work? It's been known that US defense contractors have been experimenting with them for a long time. In fact, the military has even begun to field some of these devices. The problem with energy discharge weapons, however, as always been the miniaturization of the power cells.

      We have already developed miniature thermonuclear power cells, but the problem is that they're obviously not safe. Apparently, rather recently, we have invented a chemically-actuated fusion power cell.

      Fusion, unlike nuclear fission, can also be created chemically. For instance, in cold fusion, it's a chemical reaction and the process is quite simple. The problem has been the miniaturization of the components -- how to make it safe and small enough and powerful enough.

      This device itself is a deep matte black with digitized red letters on it: EFW-1. When asked what it stands for, the Friendly Colonel said it stands for "Experimental Fusion Weapon."

      Investigations of these activities are heating up once again.

      One measure of this is the more than ten-fold increase in the personnel at the FBI office in Birmingham, Alabama.

      The question that should be asked is this -- is the buildup of FBI personnel in order to investigate these activities?

      Or is the buildup of FBI there to help cover up this ongoing military fraud?

      After all, it's business, or should we say, fraud-as-usual at Redstone Arsenal...

An Open Letter to the FBI from Al Martin (FBI Gets Nose Out of Joint and Issues Threats Regarding "Fraud-as-Usual At Redstone Arsenal")

      The FBI has made extensive inquiries in an attempt to locate me and has issued threats to several of my confederates and previous attorneys regarding statements I have made in this column -- particularly the statement about the quiet build-up of FBI personnel in Birmingham, Alabama and their intent, i.e. is this buildup due to an FBI investigation? Or is the FBI colluding with the Department of Defense in a cover up of this activity as it has frequently done in the past?

      The direct threat made to me was similar to the threats that have been made before. To wit -- if I do not stop telling the people the truth concerning illegal and covert operations of the FBI, I will be prosecuted under certain relevant sections of the National Security Act.

      In this threat, I was reminded of the statutes wherein it can be deemed a felonious offense for a private citizen of the United States to publicly disseminate or reveal knowledge regarding any illegal acts of government, if said revelation are construed to be a threat to the security of the State, pursuant to Sections 409-411 of the National Security Act (Amended 1949-50).

      For the edification of my 200,000+ monthly readers worldwide, I would like to clarify my relationship with the FBI over the past twenty years -- beyond what I've already mentioned in my book, "The Conspirators."

      From 1975 to 1986, I participated in numerous covert illegal operations in concert with various agencies of the United States Government, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, pursuant to the execution of illegal covert policies of State.

      I have, in association with certain agents of the FBI, destroyed documents, shredded evidence, and kept secret funds from being revealed, pursuant to the aforementioned policies of State.

      I have cooperated with the FBI even to the extent of potentially setting myself up for a felony charge during the Iran-Contra period should it have proven necessary for me to be convicted of certain felonious offenses in order to maintain the deniability of my superiors.

      Subsequently, in 1995, I garnered information for the FBI Denver Field Office (at their request) concerning certain domestic threats against officials and institutions of the United States. I was thanked for my information by a senior FBI field agent. However, I warned this agent not to to pass my name up the chain of command to the FBI office in Washington. I told the agent that the FBI would do whatever it could to incommode me, thus preventing me from giving this agent any further information. Thereafter, I was arrested by the FBI once again.

      When control of my information went beyond the local field office into Washington, DC, the FBI there got nervous and had me arrested. When they were arresting me, I told the agent, "I have information that you asked me to obtain. Why am I being arrested?" And the agent's exact words were, "Al, you could know when the President of the United States was going to be assassinated and who was doing it, and we still wouldn't deal with you."

      "There is no information," he said, "that you could give us because my superiors in Washington so frightened about what you know about the Bureau from the past."

      The context was that "we will not deal with you for fear that it would give you some credibility vis-a-vis your past relationship with the Bureau and your knowledge of certain illegal operations in which the Bureau has previously participated, We must and will continue to distance ourselves from you. We will deny your former association with the Bureau at all possible costs."

      In other words, when I was arrested, I was not informed of the charge. It was simply to get me out of circulation.

      This represented the 18th time I was arrested -- since I was pushed out by Ollie North, acting on behalf of those on the inside in 1986. Once again I spent 45 days in a variety of county jail hellholes, held under a false name and kept from the use of any telephones. The only reason I believe I was released is that my supporters in the Congress and the media were able to exert sufficient pressure against the FBI to secure my release.

      In my instance, this pressure included a letter from Sen. Jesse Helms to Attorney General Janet Reno asking for details surrounding the circumstances of my arrest and incarceration. It is interesting to note that although Ms. Reno failed to respond to Sen. Helms's letter, I was released from incarceration three days after the former Attorney General received the Senator's letter.

      The other news is that "The Conspirators" is now being turned into a mass market paperback and will be available shortly. Also, the Al Martin Raw website will offer an electronic newsletter for paid subscribers. Included every week will be at least one hard-hitting article revealing illegal covert activities by the FBI. These articles will offer exacting details -- names, dates, places, etc.

      In my response to the FBI, I would also like to state that there is no threat that you can issue against me to intimidate me into silence. I will continue to tell the people the truth regarding ALL that I know pursuant to illegal covert activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      And I will continue in this regard -- until my grievances are redressed...

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