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Imperial America and the Homeland Colony:
Return of the American Caesars

Afghanistan is the convenient war. All the previous congressional investigations of Reagan and Bush Regime fraud have disappeared. These include investigations into the $59 billion "missing" from HUD, the more than $10 billion "missing" from the Indian Affairs trust fund, and the $1.3 trillion procurement fraud from the Department of Defense. The investigation into illegal weapons trafficking in the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama has also been stopped. In other words, if your last name is Bush, this new war in Afghanistan is very convenient.

      Why are the Democrats going along with it? Why aren't the Democrats seizing this as a political opportunity? Because all the senior Democrats who sit on these investigating committees are being afforded unprecedented amounts of pork.

      It helped to get the Democrats to go along with everything that is now happening - to support the homeland security bills and the so-called USA PATRIOT Act. You'd think that many of the provisions in this bill would be anathema to the Democratic Party. Therefore, to make sure they had Democratic support, the Bush Administration has broken the lock and thrown away the keys to the old proverbial pork barrel. Now that all efforts to control waste, fraud, abuse, graft, corruption and malfeasance in the federal budget have been abandoned and it has become a free for all, the Democrats are getting huge amounts of pork in order to support this.

      The senior Democrats also felt that now is not the time to continue investigations of Reagan-Bush Regime misdeeds and the current and ongoing fraud within the Department of Defense for fear that such investigations would be perceived as being "unpatriotic."

      It should also be mentioned that the Reagan-Bush presidential papers were sealed for seventy years. They used the seventy-year seal clause under the National Security Act to seal the Reagan Administration papers. It is a reasonable certainty that they will use the same act to seal the papers of George Bush the First. Insofar as the former President Bush shredded some seven million documents in the waning weeks of his administration, it is unlikely that there are even many papers left to seal.

      The whole cycle is now regenerating itself. Although I am no big fan of the Clinton Administration, at least they managed the economy with a modicum of fiscal responsibility. That's why we had unprecedented growth and low inflation under the Clinton Administration. They actually made an effort to generate governmental surpluses and to use those surpluses to pay down the debt. And they did make a great effort to try to curb wasteful government spending.

      The Bush Administration has now turned back the clock to "business as usual," to the only thing that Republicans understand - unfettered waste, fraud, abuse, graft, corruption and malfeasance. They genuinely believe that this is what government is supposed to be in order to maintain their own political and financial power. And the way that Democratic support has always been garnered in the past is by feeding the Democrats larger and larger quantities of political pork that they can take home. You can expect many more Senator Robert Byrd Highways to Nowhere.

      But the war is definitely convenient. Investigations of HUD fraud would have led back to senior Republicans like Jack Kemp, for instance. And, if they began to look at the Bush Boys' Iran Contra profiteering, they would have seen how both Neil Bush, through his Gulf Coast Realty group, and Jeb Bush, through his Bush Realty group, had abused HUD financing at the time. [See Chapter 10 of "The Conspirators")

      In other words, had these investigations proceeded, they would have started to inculpate the Bushes directly. And thus to prevent that from happening, there is a bigger picture here. And that bigger picture is that there is an agreement between both sides of the aisle that it is best to keep the American people with their rose-colored glasses and blinders as securely affixed as possible and to get them to wave the flag as much as possible. Now is not the time to confuse the American people with anything they may have to think about.

      As George Bush Sr. once said, " Don't confuse people with the truth."

      Now there is also a change in economic policy - to turn the clock back to the old and endlessly careful and balanced state of perpetual fraud that exists in Washington. The Republicans are allowed to commit the Big Frauds, as they always have (the really big real estate, oil and gas, weapons and defense contracting fraud), and the Democrats still get thrown the crumbs.

      The New York Times mentioned that the government continues to use the Roman Empire model for government in integrating fraud between the civilian and military sectors. ("Four Commanders Seek Staff Role for the FBI," November 20, 2020)

      "The military's four major regional commanders have asked that FBI and Treasury Department agents be assigned to their staff to improve coordination between the military and civilian agencies in the global war against terrorism… These agents could help speed interrogation of suspected terrorists detained by the military and coordinate the effort to freeze terrorists' bank accounts…The regional commanders in chief, known as CINCS, responsible for Europe, the Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and South Asia, have over the years accumulated such broad military and diplomatic powers in their slices of the globe, that some in Washington now call them modern proconsuls, after the ancient Roman military officials who exercised great autonomy from the central government."

      When enacted, this new policy will complete the militarization of domestic law enforcement. With the new power given the military in terms of domestic law enforcement (USA PATRIOT Act), the military will be placed in a senior capacity to these so-called "liaison" officers of the FBI and Treasury, and it will effectively put the military in charge.

      In other words, the FBI and other civilian agencies will be directly under the hierarchical structure of the military in its new expanded capacity of domestic law enforcement. This proposed legislation will then complete the militarization of domestic law enforcement, wherein the last vestiges of Posse Comitatus shall be abandoned.

      Historically the Proconsul was the number two man under the Emperor. The Proconsul of the Roman Imperial Senate was similar to what we would call, in today's terms, the President of the Senate. But the Proconsul of the Imperial Roman Senate had power that existed only under the Emperor, who was the commander in chief of the armed forces of the Empire, among his other duties. He was not the supreme political leader, but he was the supreme military commander.

      The article goes on to make the argument that the powers of the Secretary of Defense would be diminished because a conglomeration of a federalized military law enforcement incorporating these civilian liaisons would now technically only be reportable to the Director of the Office of Homeland Security. Thus, the authority of the Defenses Secretary would be undercut. This move would constitute a further increase in the power of the Office of Homeland Security and would in fact complete the process of the militarization of civilian law enforcement.

      This "coordination" between military and civilian agencies is an effort to end the traditional turf battles that have existed between federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies since their inception.

      Under the USA PATRIOT Act, they could consolidate this power. The Office of Homeland Security now becomes the top dog, in terms of the coordinating power that has been given to this agency. They are the chief coordinators, which means that this effort to militarize domestic law enforcement would automatically bring the entire law enforcement and intelligence capability of the nation (save that of the CIA) under the Office of Homeland Security.

      This is just the consolidation of power, taking about 80% of all the law enforcement intelligence capabilities within both the civilian and military regimes in the United States and ultimately consolidating their command and combined power under the director of the Office of Homeland Security. Those military intelligence units (which have been stripped from the military) will now be under the CIA. We are now effectively concentrating all power within the Office of Homeland Security and within the CIA. In so doing, FBI, Treasury, ATF, etc., are all being marginalized.

      And this, of course, has always been the Bushonian wet dream. This is what the Bushes have always wanted because their base of power exists within the CIA and will now exist within the Office of Homeland Security. After all, the president controls the National Security Council, which is its only oversight body.

      It should also be noted that the front-runner for the new director of the CIA is the well-known Bush minion, Porter Goss, a man who profited handsomely during the Iran Contra period, specifically Iran Contra fraud committed by Neil Bush and his Florida-based Gulfstream Realty. [See Chapter 8 of "The Conspirators"]

      They'll try to get Porter Goss in as director of the CIA. And Tom Ridge is nothing but a Bushonian lackey. He's really an outsider, but he's a lackey. This is what George Bush Sr. called the "continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands." And now we are seeing the enactment of this through the integration of civilian and military power, and thus the consolidation of such power within two agencies of government, which are extremely close to the Bush Regime.

      The Washington Post also noted that "the nation's top military authorities favor appointing a four star commander to coordinate federal troops used in homeland defense, part of a broad reorganization that pentagon officials say could change some forces' primary mission from waging war overseas to patrolling at home. Although the Pentagon has regional commanders in chief known as CINCS responsible for Europe, the Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia, none exists for managing the deployment of forces in the United States… Any extensive use of Federal troops on US soil would come despite a traditional aversion to and legal limits on the use of military forces for domestic law enforcement. But the September 11 attacks and the Bush Administration's declared war on terrorism has blurred the distinction between foreign wars and domestic crimes… Senior military officials say agreement has been reached on establishing a homeland CINC…Responsibility for coordinating all federal activities in homeland defense rests with Tom Ridge and the new White House Office of Homeland Security…"

      "Legal barriers to sending in armed forces in the US were imposed by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which was prompted by President Ulysses Grant's use of federal troops to monitor elections in the former Confederate states. The act prohibits military personnel from searching, seizing or arresting people in the United States."

      This is another nail in the coffin of Posse Comitatus and another step down the road to the militarization of domestic law enforcement. As the website correctly predicted several weeks ago, congressional Republicans are now gathering to attempt to overturn the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. Their expressed desire is "to remove the final obstacle for the full and permanent militarization of domestic law enforcement." (Bush Cabal Heaven: The American Imperial Era Begins)

      Another extremely egregious action by the Bush Administration is the announcement that it will exert its authority under the Homeland Security Act (USA PATRIOT Act) by using the new Office of Cyberspace Security to become the world internet police. The authority to do this is contained within the Act. This means that the United States government has given itself, the Bush Administration, the authority to supercede the internet laws of all other nations. In other words, the US claims that it has the unilateral right to impose US laws and regulations regarding internet trade, commerce and the dissemination of information. The US then, according to the release, has the "supreme world jurisdiction."

      The White House has also intimated the incorporation of this new supreme power with other powers it has been given by the new USA Patriot Act regarding the transmission of "seditious materials," any revelation of governmental misdeeds or misconduct. This implies that this new world internet police authority would be used in concert with the vast expansion in sedition laws in order to prevent the dissemination of any information regarding government corruption. They are acting under the Seditious Publications and Utterance acts. The law is very clear, and it refers to any information disseminated by print, electronic or oral means that the Department of Justice deems can A)., suborn the authority of the State, or undermine the will of the State, or B)., threaten the domestic tranquility of the populace as to cause said populace to rise to acts of civil disobedience." I believe those are the words.

      They are moving fast, and at this time, it is uncertain how much longer Al Martin will be allowed to continue to disseminate the truth. Even the sale of "The Conspirators" may be blocked.

      Also, in the media, there is a sudden emphasis on the art of steganography, the art of hiding a message within a picture. Apparently the Bush Administration is pressuring the media not to show full clips of Osama bin Laden and disseminate the text of his speeches because they claim that these can be used to transfer subliminal messages. It's another scare tactic and an effort to control imagery and media "content."

      The next step for the media is to use fully-doctored, made-in-the-studio video clips shown to the public as supposed "news events," as was shown in the movie "Wag the Dog." In other words, media outlets will be broadcasting totally fictitious and bogus video clips of supposed "news events," which never took place. This also ties in very neatly with the resurrection of the Defense Department's Media Propaganda division.

      This reminds me of the time when the FBI declared the rock and roll song "Louie, Louie" to be seditious. They tried to block its sale on grounds that it contained a secret message. The words were such gibberish that J. Edgar Hoover thought it contained a secret message that only young people (and radicals) could understand.

      The FBI then spent the next three years and $13 million of the taxpayers' money attempting to figure out what J. Edgar Hoover felt was a "secret communist pinko left-wing code," to use his exact words. He was convinced that the song had a secret code that would signal young people (Hoover was afraid of anyone under the age of twenty five) to rise up against the government because of the radical and secret message in the song. In the end, the FBI determined that the words were simply gibberish and there was no secret message contained in the song.

      In other news, the Department of Defense has been under pressure from news organizations to provide them with videos of the results of American Special Forces in Afghanistan. They claim they're blowing all this stuff up and doing such wonderful things for the effort.

      Finally the Department of Defense has released a video clip to all the news agencies. They showed a convoy of fuel truck somewhere in Afghanistan. They're all blown up, and it was the result of a Special Forces raid. The lieutenant, who was in charge of the raid stopped the lead truck then actually asked the driver if they were with the Taliban.

      The guy driving the truck only spoke Pashto, and he's trying to say, "No, no, we're not the Taliban."

      And the sergeant says, "Look they're all wearing turbans. Let's shoot them all anyway to be on the safe side."

      Finally the lieutenant and the sergeant reached a compromise, and they ordered all the towel heads out of the fuel trucks. Then they blew up the entire convoy and all the fuel trucks.

      The point is that US Special Forces are destroying all this equipment, ordinance and munitions, not having any idea who it actually belongs to. Apparently some of the groups, which make up the Northern Alliance, have complained to the Department of Defense. They expect to be fully compensated for stuff that they own which American Special Forces have been blowing up. You can expect millions of dollars of claims to be filed with the Department of Defense - after the "war."

      The so-called captured "terrorists" or "detainees" will be sent to the government's CILF (Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities) on American Samoa, Guam and the American Micronesian islands -- because you can't get any more remote than that. And they can absolutely control any dissemination of news because news people won't be able to get in there. The Department of Defense simply says that this is a classified area.

      By the way, have you seen what it takes to get on a plane nowadays? You have to get what's called "a temporary federal identification card at the airport." Your driver's license or passport isn't good anymore. You have to present your driver's license and passport at the airport to a booth controlled by the military to receive your temporary federal identification card, which you need in order to get on the aircraft. And they charge you a ten-dollar fee for issuing you this "temporary ID card."

      Also, all your luggage is searched, and you are potentially subject, not only to a pat down, but a strip search. Plus, before you enter the line to check in your luggage, at the booths where the soldiers stand, you are given a list of the new rules and regulations of what you can and cannot carry on the airplane. For instance, you cannot bring a cigarette lighter or even a book of matches onto the airplane. If you do, they will be confiscated. You also can't carry on anything magnetic, like a magnetic key chain.

      Remember, you are now subject to a pat down or strip search "if the appropriate military authority should deem your actions, demeanor or tone to be suspicious."

      This sounds a helluva lot nastier than even the Soviets. But that's only because internal passports haven't been established yet. That would the logical next step.

      Practical jokers will not be tolerated either. A twenty-something-year old guy, after going through four different searches, gave the guard the old raised right arm salute and said, "Jawohl, Herr Oberstuermfuerer." He was arrested and had to post $10,000 bond to get out of jail. When they interviewed him, he said that the soldiers told him that such language was contrary to the security of the State.

      People should understand, however, that this isn't the Third Reich; it's the Roman Empire come again.

      Regarding George Bush's desire to bring back the Imperial White House Guard uniforms as proposed by President Nixon, the Al Martin Raw website has also learned that George Bush secretly wants to rename the Beltway -- the Appian Way.

      And in conformity with the new style of the American Caesars, George Bush has expressed his desire to be referred to -- not as President -- but as Rex Imperatus.

      Before you know it -- the next fad on the Washington cocktail circuit will be toga parties. Watch out. . . .

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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