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The Grand Tyranny

The new Bush dictatorship is in full swing. Bush just signed a bill wherein the United States no longer has to provide a civilian trial for anyone who should stand accused of committing a terrorist act against the United States. Instead the government will now try said individuals in a "special closed military court." In this trial, the defendants will not even be allowed to present any exculpatory evidence that the adjudicating military body should deem "contrary to the security of the State or the domestic tranquility of the people."

      I love the way Bill O'Reilly announced it on Fox News. Our new Leader of Pro-Government Media, Bill O'Reilly, in conjunction with this announcement, said that the American armed forces should be praised for their defeat of the Taliban in Kabul and that this action now sends a message to the world that the US military "can kill any individuals, groups, organizations or parties hostile to the security of the United States."

      As always, one has to look at the fine print of this new executive order for secret military tribunals. As usual, the word "terrorism" is once again being used to pull the wool over the American people's eyes, while we stand with our thumbs stuck up our asses, waving the American flag, our rose colored spectacles a darker tint than ever.

      In fact, this executive order establishes military tribunals or kangaroo courts, which directly violate due process of law. It is, as of now, probably the most unconstitutional of all the unconstitutional laws that have been passed and incorporated into this new disingenuously named "USA PATRIOT Act of 2001."

      The language doesn't even mention the word "terrorism." The pro-government media uses the word to maintain ratings from a na´ve flag-waving population. The way it is written, the bill can be interpreted that the government has the ability to prosecute any individual who disagrees with State policy. Or even anyone who constitutes a threat to the ratings of pro-government media. Or anyone who represents a threat to the na´vete of the American people. Anyone then could essentially be prosecuted under this bill.

      This military court, or tribunal, is not a defacto star chamber. It is the absolute raw and naked abuse of power by government. A star chamber, simply put, is any extra-legal and/or extra-constitutional body formed by government to pass judgment on the actions of private individuals.

      This law then could be interpreted, so that the prosecutorial power of the government could be extended essentially to anyone who disagreed with State policy.

      In other words, this latest "authority bill" constitutes another nail in the coffin of the US Constitution and further strengthens the argument that, as of now, the people of the United States have allowed their government to be a democracy in name only. The people of the United States have not only abdicated any authority over the power of their own government, but they have also abdicated their personal liberties and freedoms.

      It's not over yet either. There are many other pieces of legislation before Congress that are likely to be passed, including the very sinister internal transportation security act, proposed by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. The highlight of this bill is increased airport security, but, if passed, the bill would call for the installation of internal checkpoints, specifically to stop all forms of public transportation and interstate transportation at state borders including rail, bus and any and all water traffic.

      With the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act and all legislation thereunto, we have effectively militarized law enforcement in the United States. Thus the ensuing and inevitable economic downturn and its consequences (an increase in civil strife and political tension that will result from this legislation) can be more easily handled by law enforcement.

      The stationing of National Guard internally abrogates the Posse Comitatus Act, which is also being ignored. We have moved further away from Posse Comitatus, and that is just a hollow shell.

      And why hasn't the Constitution Party, the Green Party, or the Libertarian Party said anything about these government abuses of power? The pro-government media will not give them any airtime. Anyone who opposes the policies of the United States vis-Ó-vis this "Homeland Security" legislation is frightened and is being frozen out by Government-Media.

      The media is becoming increasingly pro-government. It is now more closely aligned with the execution and maintenance of government policy than ever before. You can tell by the way Bill O'Reilly talked. Media now has a direct vested financial interest in maintaining the naivete of the American people. They don't have to present "both" sides. Even their pretension of being an independent body is finished. The media, the great Fourth Estate, has now abandoned any pretense of being the "devil's advocate" or challenging the policies of the US government. They don't even present any challenging viewpoints anymore. All who disagree have now been labeled as "threats" to the security of the State. That is the direct implication. And if you listen to the tone of the media and the way the sentences are craftily put together by the Bill O'Reillys of this world, the implication is that all citizens who disagree with State policy are now a "threat" to the State.

      By the way, Bill O'Reilly reported that the Bush Administration released a statement to the networks that it was "disappointed" by the NTSB's conclusion that the crash of Flight 587 in Queens, New York was declared an "accident." They were "disappointed."

      Now Fox News will present guests that will say all night long that it probably wasn't an accident. They will have their own teams of experts provided to them - and paid for -- by the US Government to tell you that the NTSB is "probably" wrong, that this was really a "terrorist" incident, and that the NTSB shouldn't have announced that it was an "accident" without asking the White House first.

      If the Kerry bill is passed, the NTSB will come under the direct control of the Office of Homeland Security, so it will not be able to determine any conclusions. All decisions of the NTSB will be politicized. They won't be allowed to declare that something was an "accident" without a review by the Office of Homeland Security. A former NTSB chief said that it is likely that every airplane crash from now on will be blamed on "terrorism."

      This "policy" is widely supported by the insurance industry because if "terrorism" is the cause of any crash, they won't have to pay. Any claims then would be transferred directly to the government.

      After the Bush Administration has passed all the legislation it wants, it will consolidate its newly found power and then the hype will begin to cool down. The first sign that the Bush Administration has absolute dictatorial authority will be when they no longer hype the situation - because they don't have to.

      What the Administration is doing in concert with pro-government media is creating a new class of American people. This new class of American citizen does not exist on racial or religious or national origin or creed or even sexual orientation. A new class of "unpatriotic" citizen is being created in the minds of the people.

      You drive down every street and you see a great big American flag in front of the house and American flags on automobiles. Even Ford Motors is passing out American flags for car antennas to its employees. A Ford employee I know wouldn't do it and they actually threatened him. They told him that by not flying the flag, he was being "unpatriotic."

From the Bush Propaganda Speech Dept.:

      Bush talked about volunteerism of civilians and how the government will sponsor the creation of a new "civilian defense force." It will be comprised of volunteer citizens who will have uniforms for their meetings, and they will be able to do everything from blood drives to providing emergency labor for other "terrorist" attacks. Because teachers report that the nation's children are so confused and frightened, one of the responsibilities of the civilian defense forces will be to go to the schools and talk to the children, giving soothing speeches about the importance of homeland security and how important it is to trust your government and its ability to handle this situation. It sounds like it will be under the auspices of the Bill Clinton sponsored AmeriCorps which will be dramatically expanded.

      But it's all about the children - helping children to cope with the crisis and how important it is to trust the government. Bush must have used the words "faith" and "trust in government" at least fifty times. The government will also provide money for the revitalization of the Neighborhood Watch programs and Crimestoppers, as well as "re-education."

      The key word here is "re-education," so Neighborhood Watch programs will have profiles to identify those acting "suspiciously." Of course, there was no definition of what "suspicious" means, but that was immediately followed up by the statement that there has been a five fold increase in the number of American flags sold.

      This speech was very craftily written, so that if you listened and you were a person who didn't support the concept of what's going on, you would easily understand that you were being "unpatriotic."

      He also said that now is the time that "we don't need to have our thinking caps to understand; we only need to act."

      The military is also being punished by getting its intelligence resources moved over to the CIA. The armed forces are being stripped of their principal military intelligence branches and transferring them under the control of the CIA. In other words, the military is taking the heat for this latest intelligence failure in order to shield the CIA.

      You have to remember that the Bushes have always wanted to increase the power of the CIA. That is, after all where the Bush family is very influential as is the Bushonian faction in governent.

      Also, the new Department of Defense propaganda program aimed at children will provide "Good Citizen" badges (silver and gold toned) for the children. It will be just like the "Better Dead than Red" pins in the 1950s.

      The children's parents are going to get American flag pins with their choice of two different messages. Conservatives will be able to choose the slogan "Narrow minded. And proud of it," while liberals will be able to choose the slogan "Na´ve. And proud of it." Both pins will be on an American flag background. The idea is that this will bring both liberals and conservatives together.

From "The Conspirators" Dept.:

      Book sales of "The Conspirators" have increased quite significantly of late. There is a new class of buyer for a book like "The Conspirators" which details government corruption. People are buying them as an investment under the assumption that a year from now the Bush Administration will have the power to prevent the sale of any publication, which exposes government corruption.

      People understand that there is bound to be a black market for this kind of material in the future. For example, "Trail of the Octopus" by Donald Goddard and Lester Coleman, was originally a twenty-dollar book, but now -- thanks to the actions of the US government, which evidently bought up all the copies -- sells for about three hundred dollars on the used book market (Check and for details)

      Even those 80% of the American people, who don't agree with the book but support the "war on terrorism," according to recent polls, are buying "The Conspirators" for investment purposes. Savvy investors understand this very well and they're squirreling away copies of the book while they can still get it. They know that with a limited supply available, the value of these books can only go upů (Order page

From The American History Dept.:

      I was thinking of my 8th grade junior high school American History textbook. The first part was all about glorifying our Founding Fathers and putting them on moral pedestals. And I though to myself that nowhere in this textbook was it mentioned that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin all died from the long-term effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Nor was it mentioned that Alexander Hamilton was a notorious swindler, or that John Hancock was a smuggler, or that the great Massachusetts firebrand Samuel Adams was a falling down drunk who eventually succumbed from cirrhosis of the liver. (There is a micro-brewery named after him - appropriately so, since that's what he died from.)

      As I was remembering the book, you turn a few chapters into the great 19th Century westward expansion, wherein the Indians were always portrayed as violent and vicious savages always in the wrong, and the cowboys and Union soldiers in blue were always in the right.

      Nowhere was it mentioned that in the twenty-year period from 1868 to 1888, the United States Government broke every single treaty it ever signed with Native American Indian tribes.

      Then a few chapters later, we read about Woodrow Wilson's indignation about the "Wild Huns" using mustard gas on the American troops during World War I and the tens of thousands of American troops that were maimed by this sinister "devil's gas," as he called it. What Wilson failed to mention was that it was the US Army that first used the gas in question in 1903 against Philippine insurrectionists.

      In the next chapter on World War II, there was the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans. Yet nowhere was it mentioned that in Japan there lived approximately the same number of American and European residents, but the Japanese Government did not intern them.

      So what is the net result of the lies of the United States government since the beginning - the endless flag-waving propaganda? The result is what Thomas Jefferson specifically warned the American people against in his series of essays on government in 1803. Jefferson specifically warned against "generational tyranny" -- not to support any government of the United States which would commit to a course of action that would foster generational tyranny. In other words, future generations of American taxpayers would be picking up the tab for illegal, but politically popular acts of government at the time.

      In direct context, this means that in the last thirty years, since 1970, $36 billion of the American taxpayers' money has been paid to settle Native American Indian land claims, land which the American government took and in essence swindled from them.

      The Japanese internment settlement under the Reagan Administration cost the American taxpayers (two thirds of whom were not even alive when the illegal acts took place) another $2 billion.

      This is what Jefferson warned us about - forcing American taxpayers to pick up the tab under the assumption that the politicians who soaked up the political gravy at the time wouldn't even be alive to accept the consequences of their actions -- when the bill came due.

      "Generational tyranny" was in Jefferson's words the most unfair action that any democratic government could commit - "to force a yoke of debt around the yet unborn for the sake of political popularity of the moment."

      Franklin also mentioned this concept in his letter to Washington in 1783, a year before he died. He invariably referred to the then nascent United States as "The Grand Experiment." Franklin's concern was the tyranny of debt, that is, one administration accumulating debt and forcing it onto the next and the next and the next. Franklin said "how quickly in our impatience and imprudence, the grand experiment could quickly turn into the grand tyranny."

      And speaking of another kind of "generational tyranny," the parallels between the Adams family in the 1700s and the Bush Family in recent times are quite similar. It should be noted that it was John Adams who surreptitiously purchased (behind the scenes) the legislative votes necessary to get his son John Adams into office -- when Thomas Jefferson had actually won the greater preponderance of votes. To assuage Jefferson, John Quincy Adams gave him the post of Secretary of State.

      It should also be noted that the unconstitutional and grossly egregious Sedition Act was passed during Adams's tenure. Washington actually warned Jefferson about Adams, telling him that Adams had "the moral turpitude of a snake."

      The Sedition Act is still on the books. The Reagan Bush Regime actually considered charging people with "sedition." During the Second World War, hundreds of German Americans were detained under the Sedition Act. Likewise, many who criticized John Adams were thrown into prison.

      Even though he won the election, Jefferson's attitude was that it's best for the continuity of government and the nation not to make a big deal out of it. His second choice was to become Secretary of State, and the Adams Family threw him that as a bone to keep him quiet. In this context, the Gore-Bush election fiasco also comes to mind.

      Another prophecy is also sadly coming to pass.

      Jefferson wrote, "Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless... the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is [now] while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war, we shall be going downhill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves, but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion."

      As in the last days of the Roman Empire, there is a growing fire at the Imperial Palace sic the White House. But this time it's not Nero who's fiddling; it's the American people.

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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