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Bush Cabal Heaven:
The American Imperial Era Begins

According to the Friendly Colonel, the FBI had prior knowledge of "a major attack on a commercial target" -- at least two years before the event took place.

      His FBI friend, who has been reassigned to an office in Florida, told him about it. Evidently the FBI still won't let him retire. He's one of the old counter-terrorist guys from Bobby Blitzer's division. The FBI claims that they might need them sometime in the future, despite the fact that all of them - his friend and about two dozen other guys -- want to retire. So these guys get shuffled around from office to office on so-called "temporary duty assignments." There really is no "duty," however; it's just for the paperwork. The real reason these guys are not being allowed to retire is to keep them quiet, to keep control over people like him who are aware of the story of the "WTC Incident."

      He told the Friendly Colonel that the FBI knew as long as two years ago that there was a major attack being planned. He said that the FBI actually recovered documents at the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, which indicated that a future attack of a much larger magnitude was planned. The FBI just blew it off. Essentially they didn't do anything because they didn't think that any terrorist group had the ability to plan and execute such an attack.

      Apparently CNN has had the same documents the FBI had but they wouldn't release them to the public either. These documents, seized from one of bin Laden's people a few years ago in New York, discussed a major operation being planned. The first leg was the attack itself. The second leg would be the use of anthrax to disrupt the US postal system. The third leg was to be a major cyber-attack against the US banking system, disrupting banking and shutting down ATMs.

      And how did CNN get the documents? The assumption is that one of the disgruntled FBI agents just gave them to CNN. The White House apparently didn't even have to pressure CNN to keep quiet about it. The attitude among the mainstream media is essentially that they are out of the business of exposing government corruption for fear of appearing "unpatriotic."

      Even the Homeland Security bill that Bush signed has been renamed the "Patriot" Homeland Security bill, thus implying that anyone who disagrees with the bill is "unpatriotic."

      Evidently the FBI was so far behind the eight ball in terms of its counter intelligence knowledge of al Qaeda that they did not believes that al Qaeda or any other middle eastern terrorist organization had the capacity to carry out such a complex attack.

      Both the counter intelligence and national security divisions of the FBI knew that the CIA had been involved with these people in the past and that even more recently they had sold them sophisticated weapons and provided them with intelligence.

      In fact that is what led to one of the big rifts, which forced former FBI director Louis Freeh out of his position. The CIA wouldn't tell the FBI what they were doing. It's the same old interagency rivalry that had been going on for a long time. Also the FBI's human intelligence capabilities (domestically and overseas) were so poor that they were led to believe that al Qaeda, Hamas or anybody else would not have the ability to carry out this type of terrorist attack which was planned in the documents they had seized. That's why they dismissed the plan as wishful thinking on behalf of the terrorists.

      In other words, it seems that the CIA was planting disinformation within the FBI in order to cover itself because, whatever the CIA has been doing to help these terrorist groups, they could always claim that it was "FBI incompetence."

      Behind the scenes the CIA has made the FBI look incompetent by supplying the FBI with misleading information about the CIA's own intentions and the intelligence assessment capability of these terrorist groups. Knowing the FBI didn't have the intelligence resources to find out the capacities of these groups on their own, it does tend to make the FBI look incompetent. In other words, later people would ask, why didn't they know?

      Then the FBI, instead of trying to inculpate the CIA, resorts to the standard tactic by saying that the reason they don't have the intelligence resources to make better assessments is because they didn't have enough money.

      The CIA, in order to cover up its own involvement with these terrorist groups, then makes the FBI look incompetent. The FBI, in order to deflect the notion that they are incompetent, says it's the fault of Congress for not giving them more money.

      It's an endless deflection of responsibility, but the deflection serves everybody's purpose. It covers the CIA, and although the FBI has to eat a slice of humble pie, at least they're able to blame it on Congress for not providing them with enough money.

      The Friendly Colonel reports that though he doesn't understand what's happening somebody's doing him an awful lot of favors. He is essentially getting back into the trucking business as "Gulf Coast Shipping and Storage" (See Double Dealing: Over the Road Explosives…

      Now he's got a large deal with Penske and Ryder to use their trucks. He said that he's simply been given the "Hazardous Materials" licenses. He's just the titular head of this operation and he doesn't even know who the drivers are except that they're all Arabs. He said they're going to ramp up the movement of illicit weapons out of Redstone Arsenal and consequently they need an increase in trucking capability. He also said that it was obvious to him that the only reason they're giving him the money is to keep his mouth shut because both Ryder and Penske have entered into some secret arrangement with the Department of Defense to allow their vehicles to be used for illicit purposes. He added that between him and the trucking and the shipping end of it, there are probably two or three dozen guys like him, in this business.

      The Friendly Colonel knows that although someone is doing all these "favors" for him, he's not getting the bigger picture and he may be in fact getting set up to be a "wonderful" scapegoat. What he's being asked to do is illegal. He's being asked to illegally transport illegally sold weapons systems that were illegally purchased at the Redstone Arsenal by illegal foreign arms agents who aren't even supposed to be here. He has been illegally given transport licenses for these vehicles, which are not qualified to transport this material. Every step of what he's doing is felonious.

      Meanwhile his FBI pal is just moping around the office. They're giving these guys unlimited expense accounts. He goes over to Pier 66 every day for a big lobster lunch - at taxpayer expense -- but he's bored silly. He's in his mid-fifties, which is past standard retirement, and he just wants to retire and go fishing. How bad is it? "If he kicked in the teeth of his Regional Supervisor tomorrow," he says, "he'd probably get a medal for it." In other words, he can do no wrong. He's still with the FBI but on "special assignment with no specified work duty." He's being told that they want to keep a small group of guys like him on because of their long-term experience in counter-terrorism. That's not true, he says. The real reason they're keeping him is so they can hold his pension and benefits over his head to keep him quiet about what he knows. He says that the FBI is disorganized and demoralized and even frightened that revelations might come out that it had previous knowledge of this incident. Consequently there is an atmosphere of fear that permeates the senior ranks of the FBI. This has substantially reduced their competency. Just look at CNN, he said. You see John Ashcroft every day. You see Tom Ridge every day. But you don't see Bobby Mueller, the FBI director maybe once every two weeks. (See "DoJ Cover up Artist Bobby Mueller Named FBI Chief "

      Mueller is being sidelined on purpose because Mueller doesn't have any practical experience in this. This is a guy who has consistently stuck his foot in his mouth in the past. The general assessment of Bobby Mueller around the Beltway is that he could screw up a free lunch. This is also the reason why so many of the powers are being transferred to the new Office of Homeland Security.

      In other news, it's become very apparent that Congress, the White House and the government have abandoned any notion of fiscal responsibility or even rational political judgment. Washington has effectively become a free-for-all in which one senator gets up and says, "I can spend a hundred billion more than you can." These are politically popular spending programs, which are totally wasteful.

      The Congress is completely out of touch with reality. The Bush Administration and Congress have essentially gone wild. There are no checks anymore. They're authorizing the expenditure of huge sums of money, which none of the agencies even want or have any idea of how to spend. It's a different environment now. Washington sees an opportunity to act the way it wants to act - without any restraints.

      This is all couched under the guise of fighting terrorism. How does this square with the $16 billion increase in the Department of Agriculture budget, an increase the Department of Agriculture says it doesn't need, doesn't want and has no idea of how its going to spend?

      All those organizations, like government watchdog groups, are being discredited by this notion that they're being "unpatriotic." The system of checks and balances has disappeared. There hasn't been a peep out of the ACLU, or Larry Klayman's group Judicial Watch, or Charlie Smith's group about this spending.

      Everybody is keeping quiet. They all appear on mainstream media, and when they do, O'Reilly goes after them for being "unpatriotic," saying now is the time we should overlook government misdeeds. And that is the new attitude. O'Reilly even said that.

      O'Reilly has given up any pretense of being independent, fair minded, or balanced. He has joined the pro-government media crowd because that's where the ratings and the money are. He purposely tries to discredit anyone who doesn't agree with the government line. Consequently that's why various government watchdog groups are keeping their mouths shut. They know they will be cast in the light of being "unpatriotic."

      Government spending amounts to at least $1.5 trillion in additional spending over five years, and all the numbers haven't been added up yet. This includes everything from defense to security to agriculture. We are literally plying government agencies with money that they don't want. They have said they don't want and don't even know how they're going to spend it. This is money that's going to get spent on tremendous weapons systems and help defense contractors. If you look at all the industries that are going to benefit - and individual companies that are going to benefit - you will understand why the Republicans are pushing it. This is Bush Cabal Heaven.

      In other words, there will be a $1.5 trillion increase over five years (which is deficit financed) and two thirds or more of that spending will be effectively wasted. The deputy head of the GAO has already said so, and we are still in an economy that is $5.5 trillion in debt - with no foreseeable surpluses being generated in the near future.

      In addition, interest rates have been lowered and the Bush White House is going to pressure Greenspan to keep interest rates artificially low longer than they should be. This will create an inflationary whammy down the road. We are in effect building a potential economics time bomb for this nation.

      Some people are actually calling the Clinton years -- the "Golden Years." Clinton did after all make an effort to balance the budget. He did generate surpluses. He did begin to pay down debt. The economy grew and inflation was kept down. Government spending was kept in check It doesn't make any difference what you think of Clinton politically, when they're talking about the golden years they're talking about it economically -- if we return to double digit inflation and double digit unemployment and an accumulated deficit out of control.

      Looking at the bigger picture, this unrestrained spending fits in with the new anti-terrorism bill, which transfers more of the American people's rights back to the government, more than has ever been done before in the history of the republic. This massive increase in spending that will benefit the top three percent of the population is just another transfer of power and wealth. All of this spending (eventually the American people will have to pay for it) lessens the people's economic power. And it increases the power of those who rule, who govern, who control, and who constitute the backbone of the Republican Party.

      First, there is a massive loss of people's rights, which have been transferred back to the government. Second, in this unrestrained spending, a huge amount of the people's money is being transferred back to government, and therefore back to the businesses and industries which represent the top three per cent of the nation's wealthiest (federal contractors and so on) which in turn are the most ardent supporters of the Republican Party. It's a transfer of both control and money.

      From Bush's War front - the media mentioned that one of the bombing missions went astray and a couple of schools and hospitals were bombed. The Department of Defense recently confirmed this incident. They're bombing these people twenty-four hours a day, sending in Cruise missiles, Tomahawk missiles, so-called precision guided weapons. As the Friendly Colonel points out, however, the problem is these weapons only have a 37% accuracy rate. Therefore you're forced to bomb the same targets time and time again.

      He explained the way this hospital was bombed. One of the jobs that the Special Forces are doing is planting infra red sensors around targets which the aircraft flying above can then target (the zone of these infra red sensors) which makes the probable accuracy of the weapon more likely. However, the Taliban are being helped by a secret contingent of elite Iraqi intelligence officers familiar with this equipment. After the US or allied commandos go in and plant these devices, the Taliban and Iraqis pull them out of the ground then run down the street and put them around a hospital or a school. Then they'll be able to blame the United States (the Taliban doesn't care if their own kids are bombed) because it has great propaganda value.

      Meanwhile the gulf between Congress and the people continues to grow. The average age of a congressman is 23 years more than the average age of the population. In no other democratic country does such an age gap exist between legislators and the people.

      If current trends persist, within seven years Congress will be qualified, as an institution, for geriatric assistance programs from the Department of Health and Human Services. This will include grants to install ramp ways, railing in the bathrooms and even automated toilet seats for the geriatric crowd that inhabits Congress.

      A prime example of this situation is Henry "Never Saw an S&L; He Didn't Want To Rip Off" Hyde.

      When finally forced to admit under pressure from the Chicago Sun Times that he did have an extra-marital affair, Henry Hyde stated that insofar as he had had that affair when he was 48 years of age, he chalked it off to "youthful indiscretion."

      In the passage of this so-called anti-terrorist legislation euphemistically named "The Patriot Act," we have given George Bush the power of Caesar. The implication is that anyone who disagrees with it is "unpatriotic." The American people have, in one fell'n swoop, given George Bush the power of Caesar -- control of the public purse beyond the dreams of avarice.

      When you consider the existing power of the President, then you add the powers of the 1995 Anti-Terrorism Act, and the further extension of those powers by the 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act, George Bush and all his successors have been given dictatorial powers.

      With the passage of this new bill, we have effectively turned the White House into the new American Imperial Palace.

      George Bush is actually revitalizing an old Nixon idea from 1972. Nixon was so impressed with the way foreign guards were dressed, which included braided uniforms and swords and golden helmets, he wanted to have the White House guards dressed in the same manner. He was laughed out of the idea. Now, however George Bush wants to reactivate the Imperial uniform of the White House guard a la Richard Nixon.

      When you watch CNN, remember this. The new pro-government media like CNN subscribes to the theory that if you broadcast a lie often enough to the people, whose blinders and rose colored glasses are securely ensconced, then eventually the lie becomes the truth.

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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