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Pandora's Box Opens
Marshmallow Business Booming

      There has been an announcement from the White House, which effectively will turn back the clock. They are trying to return the world back to Cold War status, which has been the Bush Administration's aim all along. And the real money to be made is in the proverbial "turning." The way things are moving they could reestablish the Cold War within five years. More importantly the real money is to be made in the reestablishment of the Cold War. It's the Big Guys who are going to make the Big Dough once it's re-established.

      Actually money can be made as a facilitator of illegal covert government policies, just as in the Iran-Contra days. This time the illegal covert policy of state, which is becoming less illegal and less covert with each passing day, is to rearm the former Soviet Union and by extension to arm the People's Republic of China, this time with even more sophisticated weapons than they had in the past.

      According to the Friendly Colonel, who's doing a land office business in transporting weapons, everything had changed. The lid's off the Pandora's Box, which is why he's been able to do five large shipments of "marshmallows" in the last five days.

      He reports that "marshmallows" (anti-personnel land mines) are booming while "lemmings" (explosive missile bolts) are in retreat for now. Four of the shipments were with Mr. Murphy and one of them was with Mr. Weinstein (See previous story http://www.almartinraw/column25) They've left Hunstville, four of them bound for New Orleans to be put on freighters, and one bound for Gulfport, Mississippi. Mr. Weinstein apparently uses a different route for his clandestine weapon shipments.

      They're making money hand over fist, since there's apparently a large demand for these sophisticated land mines. A lot of countries under Pan-European left-wing pressure have signed onto this anti-land mine treaty. What they're actually doing though is destroying the inventories of old land mines and using the money the Europeans are giving them to buy new and more sophisticated ones. That's why the marshmallow business is booming.

      Countries, which have traditionally sucked money out of the United States and Europe, like Pakistan and India, are both signatories to this anti-land mine treaty, but it's really the baby of the British Labor Party. They even have the British Royal Family involved in it now, as well as a lot of high profile American liberals. But they're actually receiving money as subsidies from European governments to destroy their inventories of land mines. They're using this money covertly to purchase more sophisticated land mines from the US.

      A lot of countries have signed onto this treaty, but the only reason they've signed is because they're getting subsidies from the European governments. They're supposedly getting money which is to be used to destroy their old inventories of land mines - dig them up out of the ground and destroy them. The United States has however refused to sign this treaty. The Clinton Administration came very close, but the Bush Administration immediately backed away from it and said they wouldn't sign.

      The US is in a good position because they haven't signed any of these agreements and they haven't signed any non-proliferation agreement either.

      It all happened about a week ago - this shift that the Friendly Colonel noticed. Because not just the retired FBI guys, but active duty FBI agents have actually started to protect his shipments - to make sure they weren't interfered with. He could tell that it signaled a change in policy.

      And now the government has formally announced a change in policy, as issued in the statement by the White House. They are enticing the Russians by saying that if the Russians drop their objections to the new ABM deal (the US building an ABM system) and the Russians agree to the altering of the 1972 SALT Treaty which apparently the Russians are going to do, then the United States will share advanced weapons technology with the Russians and they will not object to that technology being transferred to the Chinese - through Russian hands. In other words, they're going to let the Russians make the money.

      The whole treaty has to be scrapped. Russia will agree not to expand its ABM system beyond Moscow and some other major cities and not to expand the Russian civilian defense fallout system which is much larger than ours. Effectively what Russia will do is drop its objections to the ABM system in exchange for which the United States will share with Russia the most advanced military technology that we have in our inventory.

      The Russians just want to make money out of it. If they were going to agree to allow the United States to build an ABM system, and agree to an alteration of the 1972 SALT Treaty, then they wanted to profit by it. That was one of the sticking points in the recent Bush-Putin meeting. They want access to advanced American technology and they want to make money -- to have an unrestricted right to resell any American technology which the Bush Administration has agreed to do and they want the profits from any weapons sales flowing through Russia. Now it's a much broader agenda. We are not only building up the Chinese military, but we are effectively rebuilding the Russian military. In other words, the administration wants to turn back the hands of time so that, in George Bush Sr.'s words, "Everybody on the inside can make money again."

      This is after all a Bush Administration which wants to rule in accordance with the Bushonian belief of government - a belief in the Big Lie Principle, a belief in the Nixon-Kissingeresque policy of maintaining a Cold War for financial gain, a belief in enormous defense expenditures, most of which are wasted and siphoned off to enrich Republicans and Republican controlled corporations and yet pay only lip service to such issues as national debt reduction or social security reform -- or even national security.

      Nobody cares about national security. It's all a money game. This is directly pursuant to what George Bush said in 1992 about the continuous "consolidation of power and money into higher, tighter, and righter hands."

      This stems from the belief that the people are nothing more than fodder for the schemes and ambitions of those that govern them. Keep the people simple Keep the people stupid. Keep interest rates low. Keep inflation rates low. Keep the dollar high. And by the time everything falls apart in twenty years time, when it hits the fan, and you can not maintain this type of policy anymore, then anyone who is in power now isn't going to be in power then. They'll all be dead. Or they'll be like George Bush Sr., living in a fantasy world, drinking Jack Daniels, taking Prozac, and jumping out of airplanes hoping their chute won't open.

      The Bush Administration is exerting an agenda here, an agenda for the return to the true form of Bushonian government -- government by shadowy cliques, secret commissions and defacto star chambers, government by a military defense policy wherein fifty cents out of every dollar is wasted and effectively defrauded by a small group of Republicans within the Military-Industrial Complex.

      Even George Bush Jr. once said that the Military-Industrial Complex has been wounded. What they're doing is repairing the wound. In other words, they aren't any more excuses.

      With the Soviet Union having fallen apart, with China's inability to become a modern military power, there wasn't any excuse anymore to maintain a Military-Industrial Complex and the right wing political cabal that it supported. What Bush is doing is repairing the damage by turning back the hands of time - and re-instituting the excuse.

      After a hiatus, the Republicans are returning to an agenda of continuous consolidation of power and money.

      The Big Lie Principle, according to George Bush Sr., maintains that if you're going to commit a covert illegal operation of state, it is best to commit an operation so huge and so egregious that the people would never believe it, if it ever became public.

      In this sense, we see the vast pools of money -- the slush funds of HUD, Social Security and the S&L; fund. These government agencies have been hollowed out and gutted to such an extent that they are essentially floating slush funds for the all-powerful right-wing cabal. They do not generate any real money. They do not return any money to the Treasury. They don't originate any money. They have no money. Social Security has no money. A hundred percent of the social security general trust fund is gone. All of Social Security's assets are now three percent non-convertible US Treasury Notes. There is no cash left in the system. It's been said, quite correctly, that there ain't nothing left to steal.

      They can keep it afloat as long as the American people are kept stupid and kept happy. As long as they're kept happy, you can keep them in ignorance because they don't care. As long as they got the Beamer in the garage and the chicken in the pot, they don't care about how it got there. And most people don't care what's going to happen twenty years from now - as long as their present needs can be met.

      The Achilles Heel in the Bushonian notion of government and economic management is that you're constantly robbing from the future.

      The only thing that maintains all capital markets is the individual citizen and the collective confidence therein. For anything to change - and for there to be any real reform - that confidence must be shaken. And the only way that confidence would be shaken is if the Dow Jones, which is now ten thousand and change, was five thousand and change next year. If people understood that their 401K accounts have effectively become 201K plans.

      Their equity has been reduced in half, yet they still believe in the notion taught by the government, that investing is a long-term deal.

      You have to look at it twenty years down the line, they're told, when nothing is going to be worth anything.

      But regarding the shipments, it's clear that the Pandora's Box has been opened a crack more, that the risk is now lessening. The lid's come off -- when the FBI is directly involved in protecting these shipments and covering it up. It's clear that illegal covert operations of state are expanding and getting closer to those actually doing the footwork. Thus the risk factor declines.

      The retired FBI guys were easier to deal with because they're not under scrutiny. Now these active duty FBI agents want something too, but it has to be done discreetly, even though they've been told to do it from on high.

      They know it's illegal, so they expect that every shipment, a couple grand will be deposited in one of their offshore accounts.

      The Friendly Colonel even had to open an offshore account in the Santo Domingo branch of the Banco de Popular -- in order to accommodate payment.

      These FBI guys still expect deposits in their offshore accounts.

      How else do you explain retired FBI agents with a pension of $62,000 a year with million dollar luxury townhouses in St. Lucia?

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; order line: 1-866-317-1390.) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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