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The Real Reason FBI Director Louis Freeh Is Resigning

      The real reason FBI Director Louis Freeh is resigning by the end of June 2001 has to do with a recent FBI internal memorandum that Al Martin Raw sources were allowed to view. This document suggests that the relationship between accused spy Robert Hanssen and Louis Freeh himself was much closer than had been previously known.

      In the past, the Al Martin Raw website had reported that Louis Freeh and his family and Robert Hanssen and his family had known each other from the very beginning - or at least since 1985. (See "The Strange Case of the Infamous Hanssen Affair")

      They were in fact so close that the Hanssen and Freeh families even attended the same church together in Virginia.

      Recently uncovered FBI documents suggest that Freeh and Hanssen have remained very close over the years. (See "Ongoing Absurdity of the Hanssen Saga")

      The recently revealed documents further suggest that Louis Freeh had known of Hanssen's alleged espionage activities for 18 months before instituting an investigation.

      After that investigation Louis Freeh went to Janet Reno who didn't want to prosecute because she told Freeh that the CIA had assured her there was no truth to the allegations. Louis Freeh obviously knew better. (See "The FBI-CI A Wars: An Update on the Phony Hanssen Case")

      The question remains - how long did Louis Freeh know that his pal Robert Hanssen was involved in potentially dangerous activities?

      Disgruntled senior FBI agents who hold these documents have informed the Al Martin Raw website that they intend to give them to the New York Times.

      When - and if -- this information is published in "The Only News That's Fit To Print," remember you read it on Al Martin Raw first.

      AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; order line: 1-866-317-1390.) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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