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Aries II Revisited:
The Deluge of Government Lies Continues

      The US Government's Ludicrous Statement Index regarding the Aries II Incident once more scales to new heights of ludicrousness.

      It all started again on Wednesday April 25, when, according to Jane's Defense Weekly, the Department of Defense was put under more pressure by the facts recited in the Al Martin Raw article on the downed plane incident (Aries II Down:

      Besides Jane's, there was a plethora of other media outlets that "hammered" the Department of Defense's previous assertion that the Aries crew had successfully destroyed the bulk of the technology in question.

      Interestingly enough The Aries II Down story published on Al Martin Raw was the only story in the world that actually called this incident a "technology transfer" from the very beginning.

      It is by now reasonable to conclude that the government has actually made a defacto admission, that this incident was in fact a technology transfer from the United States to China.

      Suddenly the Department of Defense added "axes" to their ludicrous story (as in "the crew tried to destroy the top secret equipment with axes") when in fact there were no axes in the inventory on the aircraft. Then they admitted that there were no axes anywhere.

      What happened is they got their wires crossed. That was the Department of Defense release. Subsequently when the Navy released the inventory of what was on the plane, people noticed there were no axes. After all, why would you have "axes" on this type of an aircraft? I mean, you're not chopping firewood up there.

      This is called Bad Lie Coordination, as usual, as it's been all along in this story.

      Then the Department of Defense admitted that "not as much technology" was destroyed as they previously had said and that they now believe that the Chinese are in possession of certain technology that they didn't think they were in possession of before.

      Subsequently on April 27, the Department of Defense finally admitted that "no technology was destroyed." In fact, they say that it is reasonable to assume that the Chinese are in possession of the entire Story Classic System -- the key technology they were interested in which is the technology that interprets the data, not necessarily that which collects the data.

      For a long time, the Chinese have tried to buy the Aries II system surreptitiously and they have not been successful. The Russians don't have anything that's equivalent. In addition, the Aries II has multi-channel capability, which allows it to collect an unusually large amount of data at one time. It's called one source point technology.

      Now let's take a look at the Government's latest pronouncement. According to the Department of Defense, the Chinese have agreed to have a delegation of DoD representatives come to Hainan Island to inspect the aircraft.

      However (I love it), no photographs can be taken because it is a "secure Chinese military base." And no media will be allowed, thus allowing the Department of Defense the opportunity to backpedal on their previous statement of Friday, wherein they admitted that they suspected that the Chinese had taken 95% of the technology on the aircraft.

      The American media will be fed dummied up photographs showing how much of the equipment was supposedly destroyed.

      Furthermore the Department of Defense has stated that they are negotiating with the Chinese request for monetary reparations to be paid by the United States for the incident.

      Meanwhile, at the weekly meeting of the Group at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama, the generals were in stitches about it. (By the way the group of retired generals and colonels call themselves The MICs, which stands for Military Industrial Complexers. They even have a bowling team called "The Complexers.")

      The US major general there is very friendly with the Chinese major general from the People's Liberation Army, which runs an arms company surreptitiously out of Hong Kong. The Chinese position was that this was supposed to be a "clean technology transfer" and they're supposed to get everything.

      What gummed up the works is that not everyone on the aircraft was in the loop. The only people who were in the loop were the five so-called unidentified non-military personnel, which incidentally the Department of Defense still refuses to identify.

      Conveniently, when they show photographs of the people who have been returned, they only show the Navy personnel. They have still never shown these other civilian personnel. No pictures of them landing or being transported. Nothing. It's very convenient.

      In fact, some of it -- a little of it -- was evidently really destroyed. So the Chinese are now demanding that US taxpayer money be paid to them to illegally purchase from surreptitious US arms merchants the same technology.

      This will allow the Department of Defense to backpedal on their previous statement, since there can be no independent corroboration on the photographs they're going to show.

      Regarding previous statements, the use of the hammers to bang the high tech equipment on the plane has been confirmed - but they were ball peen hammers, not the eight-pound hammers the Department of Defense claimed.

      The government also claimed there were "axes" used to smash the equipment, but the only axes that were ever known to be around the aircraft were the axes that the Chinese soldiers used to break down the doors.

      Contrary to the Ludicrous Government Statements, there are no other axes on the aircraft. The plane has an internal fire extinguishing system, so there is no need for the typical break this glass cabinets on board. The only axes were the axes the Chinese soldiers left behind after they broke down the door.

      What makes it even more ludicrous is the Department of Defense Statement No.16, out of the 142 they've now made. First they said that the crew had time to destroy the technology while the plane was still in the air. Then they said - No, that's not true, because the plane was so severely damaged, they were busy trying to land so they didn't have time.

      Then they went to a second line where they got hammers after the plane was on the ground in order to try to destroy it. Despite this story, subsequently a press release from the Chinese Army through the Chinese State Media claimed that the Chinese soldiers were inside the aircraft within 60 seconds after it came to a stop on the ground.

      Historically speaking, dummying up video footage and photographs for publication by the Department of Defense is nothing new.

      For example, in the September 1985 ASAT Tests, the DoD showed videotape of a high altitude anti-satellite missile launch from a F15 successfully destroying a low orbit satellite.

      Later the Department of Defense admitted it was a fake and that the missile in fact didn't hit anything. In other words, the entire thing was dummied up.

      Then in 1989, the Department of Defense videotape showed one of the new Patriot missiles systems striking a target. Subsequently they admitted that that videotape was also dummied up.

      Then in 1996, they showed the V-22 Osprey on "successful military maneuvers" stating that the aircraft performed to its full specifications. Later they back-pedaled on that too, saying that this video and the accompanying photographs had also been dummied up.

      In this incident, they were videotaping the actual Osprey. It was one of the first times they showed the Osprey in camouflage colors. The plane during the test actually crashed -- after they said "it performed flawlessly." Actually they spliced the footage together as they commonly do.

      It should also be noted that the Department of State said that they would negotiate with the Chinese for reparation payments.

      Meanwhile, the Department of Defense denied it, then later backpedaled again and said that they have no knowledge because State didn't tell Defense in advance what they were going to do.

      Interestingly enough, the Department of State isn't linking this reparation to the loss of the Chinese fighter. Thus reparations would be an admission that the US had done something wrong. They're essentially caving in. What they will do for public consumption is subsequently tie this payment to reparations for the loss of the aircraft and payment to the pilot's family.

      Meanwhile the Complexers were all laughing at the manufactured indignation of the Chinese Government over Bush's announcement of military sales to Taiwan. Bush, as everybody knows, refused to sell Taiwan the Aegis Class guided missile destroyers. Instead he decided to sell them the Kidd class guided missile destroyers.

      The media didn't explain what this really means. The Kidd class guided missile destroyers were first manufactured in the 1970s. They have long since been retired from our own naval inventory. As a matter of fact, they had to take them out of mothballs to sell them to the Taiwanese. They carry a missile system that "couldn't hit a flying elephant." This is the weapons system that the US decided to sell to Taiwan.

      The infamous illegal Chinese arms merchant Lanny Chin was also there. He said that, of course, his government would come out with some righteously indignant statement threatening the United States, regarding the sale, when in fact the Chinese are actually laughing about it.

      As a matter of fact, the United States Naval Museum has officially classified the Kidd Class guided missile destroyers as "antiques." They are absolutely no match whatsoever for the new Chinese Sunburn Class guided missile destroyers that the Chinese bought from the Russians.

      What nobody seems to understand is that, according to the 1979 protocol between the United States and Taiwan (when Carter first backed away from Taiwan and when the US withdrew its ambassador and put Taiwan on a special status), the Taiwanese were limited to purchasing weapons systems from the US, or US allies, that the US approved of -- in exchange for military protection from the United States.

      This limits what the Taiwanese can buy. Also the protocol allowed the US to sell all its weapons through intermediaries since there is no direct diplomatic exchange. The weapons are sold to offshore companies, cutouts essentially, then sold to the Taiwanese at about three times what the weapons are actually worth.

      It was done that way on purpose so the Complexers could make money.

      The Democrats never really cared about it. It was more of a Republican issue. Essentially what the US is doing is sacrificing Taiwan for a commercial relationship with the Peoples Republic of China.

      When Bush Jr. reiterated American support for Taiwan, many people noticed the weakness of the statement. It is a reversal from the previous Reagan-Bush statements. The US has backed away from the protocol that an attack on Taiwan from the PRC was an aggressive act of war against the United States, the Reagan Bush interpretation.

      What Bush Jr. has intimated in his statement is that an aggressive act against Taiwan will no longer be considered an act of war against the United States. As time goes by, the US will slowly back away from Taiwan. Then it is likely that the Taiwanese will buy weapons from the Russians. It is the only place where they can buy sophisticated weapons that actually work.

      If you look at the cutouts that are selling antique weapons systems to Taiwan at three times what they are worth, they are cutouts that are directly linked to defense contractors in which the Bush Family has a vested financial interest - for example, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell, Boeing, and in particular, Loral - a company in which the Bush family is most heavily invested.

      What they're doing now essentially is augmenting their own wallets.

      It's all about money.

AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; order line: 1-866-317-1390.) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy (

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