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The Conspirators:
Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider

by Al Martin
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The Conspirators: Secrets of an
Iran Contra Insider by Al Martin

"The Rosetta Stone of Bush Family Crime"

     What if a criminal cabal took over the US Government and used its operations for its own profit?

     Before they stole the White House, the Bush Cabal was the First Family of Fraud.

     According to former government operative and whistleblower Al Martin, this is how they did it.

     A self-described fourth level player of Iran Contra, Martin has first hand knowledge of the dirty deals, high-level scams, frauds, and treasonous activities of the Bush Cabal.

     Al Martin's new book called "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" is a true crime story that's been too hot for mainstream media.

     Not only is it a shocking and uncensored expose' of Iran Contra scandals, the book is a hidden history of US Government crime and corruption.

     Al Martin's account include first-hand knowledge of US Government drug trafficking, illegal weapons deals, as well as wholesale fraud by government perps -- securities fraud, real estate fraud, and insurance fraud.

     When George Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North initiated their plan of State-sanctioned fraud and drug smuggling, they envisioned using 500 men to raise $35 billion.

     When Iran Contra finally fell apart, they had ended up using 5,000 operatives and making $350 billion.

     And who is Al Martin? After Al Martin retired as a Lt. Commander from the US Naval Reserves, his life went into the fast lane as a black ops specialist in the Office of Naval Intelligence. His first assignment was in Peru, where he was tapped for a CIA-sanctioned operation, smuggling American Express cards into Argentina in 1979.

     After that he met US Government-sponsored con man Lawrence Richard Hamil, a Department of Defense shadow player, who taught him the ropes of profitable covert operations.

     In 1984, Martin began marketing Hamil's "deals" through his Florida based Southeast Resources, Inc.

     At a meeting with General Richard V. Secord and Hamil, Martin was briefed about Iran Contra operations and allowed to view voluminous CIA white papers concerning "Operation Black Eagle," the code-name for the Bush-Casey-North program involving US Government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, illicit weapons deals and wholesale fraud.

     Now Al Martin tells the facts that the Mainstream Media Cartel has virtually ignored for almost 20 years.

     "The Conspirators" by Al Martin is unprecendented in publishing history. It names names, dates and events, which no one has dared write or publish before.

     Here are the chapter titles:

1. Confidential File: Alexander S. Martin

2. The National Programs Office (NPO) and Operation

3. Oliver North: The Money Laundering Drug Smuggling

4. "Do Nothing" Janet Reno and Iran-Contra Suppression

5. Classified Illegal Operations: Cordoba Harbor and
    Screw Worm

6. The Don Austin Case

7. Bush Family Fraud & Iran-Contra Profiteering

8. Insider Stock Swindles for "The Cause"

9. Corporate Fraud, Stock Fraud and Other Scams

10. The Tri-Lateral Investment Group - Bush Family

11. Lawrence Richard Hamil: The US Government's Con

12. US Government Narcotics Smuggling & Illicit
      Weapons Sales

13. US Government Sanctioned Drug Trafficking

14. The Chinese Connection: US Weapons & High Tech

15. More Iran-Contra Stories: Both Humorous & Salient

16. Chinese Money for US Weapons

17. US Government Narcotics Smuggling (Part 2)

18. In Hiding Again

19. Corporate Fraud, Government Fraud and More Fraud

20. The Real Story of Operation Watchtower

21. KGB & East German Intel Activities in the US

22. Bush Family Corporate, Real Estate, and Bank Frauds

23. Iran-Contra Real Estate Fraud

24. More Chinese-Military Connections

25. ONI, CZX & Orpheus

     ORDER IT NOW, while you still can -- before the USA Patriot Act makes it a crime to tell the truth.

     "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" by Al Martin. It is the "Hottest Book in Print"...


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