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Huntsville: Corruption City, USA

      The Friendly Colonel has recently reported that the Redstone Arsenal and its surrounding military complexes, the Missile Command Center and Test Center, etc. are in a complete state of turmoil.

      Senior FBI agents, who know too much, are retiring, and there are a lot of colonels and generals who have also suddenly taken early retirement.

      In addition to this turnover, the GAO has a new investigative team at the Redstone Arsenal looking at missing weapons components and missing monies. The problem was that they sent down a bunch of accountants. After the audit, the GAO found so much material missing without any payments to account for the losses.

      The audit, completed last year, showed discrepancies, which were so vast as to be mind-boggling. The "discrepancy" at the Huntsville military complex was over $16 billion.

      Now the GAO is looking for new information. They are looking at senior military officers and their offshore accounts and this new investigation is making an awful lot of people very nervous.

      As a humorous aside, the Friendly Colonel reports that the FBI had evidently sent a fresh-faced lad from the Memphis office, newly indoctrinated in the halls of Quantico, who believes the FBI can do no wrong. Sent down to infiltrate the arsenal complex and see what he could find, he was offering to buy information. On his first day he was able to purchase five separate disks containing classified US military information, including a disk, which detailed the location of all secret military supply depots within the United States. The young FBI agent was surprised to find that the average cost per disk (the kid couldn't get over it) was less than a hundred dollars.

      Everybody in Huntsville knows that things are falling apart very quickly. They've been informed that there will be new congressional investigations and everyone is looking to cover their asses. Consequently there has been a surge in retirement applications from senior FBI agents, and from colonels and generals. Everybody is just looking to make as much money as they can to augment their offshore accounts, etc.

      Of course, there is nothing new in all this, but what is new is the turmoil with which it's being conducted so that everyone is looking over their shoulder. And the prices that information is being sold for is such that you can tell it's like the Last Days of Pompeii. People are just trying to grab what they can before it all falls apart.

      Most of the leaks are evidently coming from retired military people. Every day the base has more traffic in and out from retired military than it does have regular guys, including a new 300 lb retired major general desperately attempting to fit into his old uniform. They have meetings there every couple of days. These are retired colonels and generals who have become arms merchants or who now work for defense companies.

      This is the heart of the whole scheme to sell weapons to embargoed countries through a variety of artifices and cut-out nations, as has been previously described. Most of this is being run so the military can maintain deniability as these deals have always been run, as Iran-Contra was run -- by retired military officers. This has been ongoing for twenty five or thirty years.

      You must remember that we were selling weapons surreptitiously to China in the 1970s. There is really nothing new about any of this. The only thing that is different is the turmoil, frenzy and paranoia among senior FBI agents and senior military officers.

      The reason the FBI are in a frenzy is because the FBI Inspector General is being pressured from various congressional committees and the GAO to look at senior FBI agents' offshore accounts and offshore property holdings etc. and that's making them crazy.

      This is going to reach all the way up to George Bush. What's going on now is an effort to draw the line of liability at a certain place, lest it go any higher. It's a liability control mechanism and they're trying to draw the line before they lose control of everything and it gets back to Washington, and into the White House, and into the Department of Defense. Then it would get real sticky for everybody.

      They will try to draw it within the senior echelons of the FBI and the senior echelons of the military, but try to keep it away from the Department of Defense and away from the White House. They've done it before. It was done quite successfully during Iran-Contra.

      You blame it on all the generals and colonels, but you keep it away from Washington by circling the wagons.

      Things have progressed to the point where somebody in the White House or somebody in the Department of Defense is starting to draw up a list of scapegoats. That's what's generating a lot of nervousness. The senior FBI guys have to leave their office and go to a pay phone to call their offshore banks and to move their money around.

      A lot of people wouldn't believe it, but what's going on in Huntsville is the true essence of the way everything works in this country in terms of the federal government. Nobody cares about the law or enforcing it. It's all about money, simply augmenting your retirement the best you can, before whatever it is you were involved in falls apart.

      Word has also leaked out that the Department of Defense is trucking down a batch of their turbo shredders. And that is an ominous sign that the end is near.

      When the Department of Defense brings in their turbo shredders that means that the whole thing is going to fall apart pretty soon and they want to get as much stuff shredded as possible.

      By the way, the young FBI agent told the senior FBI agent that he actually met a major who told him, "Hell, for $10,000, I'll give you every goddamn military secret in the United States."

      This is just business as usual. Nobody cares about the laws, regulations or mandates. It is a good example of the way the US Government works. It's all about yourself and lining your own pockets and covering your own ass. And there are cabals within cabals within cabals. And the higher up the ladder you go in the federal government, in any bureau, in any agency, you are invited into an ever higher concentric circle of cabals, where there is bigger money and bigger liability.

      Parked in the corner of the airfield at the Redstone Arsenal, there were several private Lear jets, standing by, so if it gets too sticky, the retired guys can get to their luxury Caribbean homes in a hurry. After all, these Lear Jets are provided for them for free by the defense contractors.

      The level of corruption and the way it all works and what it's really all about becomes unbelievable to most people. It's about the Great Abyss. Picture a canyon, a deep abyss, surrounded by high walls. And in that Abyss whirls a continuous maelstrom of fraud and corruption. At the very bottom is the Great Vortex, known as the Vortex of the Way Everything Works and What It's Really All About.

      You don't want to look too deep into the Vortex. It's dangerous. Look at all the people who have looked too deeply and the consequences. The only way you survive the Vortex is to become part of it. Everyone who has attempted to expose the Vortex hasn't fared very well. But conversely, that's The Way It's Supposed To Be. That's the way everything works. It is an interlocking system of corruption and fraud that transcends and goes through all governments. It is in fact the common link that all governments share.

      But to get back to Redstone - when the turbo-shredders are on the way, everybody knows that the jig is up - or it's close to being up. And everybody's getting nervous about whether they're going to be on the Scapegoat List.

      The people on the Scapegoat List are always the highest-ranking people who know the least.

      And the Scapegoat List is invariably drawn up from the 20% of the people who are actually honest, who actually believe in what they're doing, who actually have lived on their paychecks, who actually have to live on their retirements, those who do not have offshore accounts, or luxurious Caribbean cottages. Traditionally that's how the Scapegoat List is drawn up -- from the ones who know the least -- the young and na´ve, or the old and deceivedů

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